Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On The Table (August Break 2014)

I apologize - this was actually yesterdays' prompt. I hope you still accept it today...

"On the table" reminds me of the beautifully set tables in the restaurants in Paris. This one in the Centre Pompidou was a rather expensive one - you pay for the location. The tables were set in the morning, and I loved the beautiful way it was done. Simple, but each table had a long red rose. This is style.

Even the tables in the street cafés that serve lunch were set at least with a napkin, silverware and glasses.

It looks so much more welcoming than just the plain table. It means - come on in, have a seat and some good food. Relax a bit, take a break. You are welcome here. Don't you just love that?

Even if you just order a chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), it is served with a lot of style - Kaefer ordered one in one of the many street cafés in the Quartier Latin, and the thick, dark chocolate came in a cup with the milk in a little pot on the side. Now, this is a classic!

Other street cafés, like this one on Montmartre, drew me in with their colorful tables and chairs, and just two glasses on the table. Doesn't it make you want to stop for a glass of Kir?

Kir, by the way, was my favorite drink in Paris. I enjoyed it already when I came to Paris the first time at the age of 17, and I have loved it ever since. It is Crème de Cassis with very dry white wine (1:4) or sometimes with champagne; then it is called Kir Royal. Kir is more common, and honestly, I like it better.

I think I'll have one right now. Santé!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous post!! sante!

Elephant's Child said...

It does indeed look elegant and inviting.
I prefer my champagne unadulterated so would join you in a straight Kir.

Friko said...

I’d love to sit down at each and every one of these Parisian tables and as for a Kir, yes, please. I think I have a bottle of creme de cassis somewhere.

Darla said...

What wonderful tables, so inviting. I really like Kir in the summertime.


Unknown said...

Yes, it does look so inviting ... I think I see hearts ... :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

What gorgeous photos today and for all the August prompts!

Vagabonde said...

Lovely colorful pictures ! I like cassis in all forms - as a liquor, in Kir, in sherbet, in jams, in tarts, etc. Unfortunately for some reason it is not a flavor easily found in the US – no blackcurrant ice cream anywhere. My mother used to have blackcurrant shrubs in the back yard and would make homemade liquor with the berries … yum!