Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kelly Rae Made My Day

Guess what I found in my mailbox today? A small parcel from Kelly Rae. Oh my! I had thought that the items I had ordered from her shop would ship at a later date. What a lovely surprise! She simply made my day! The datebook is so beautiful with lovely quotes for each month, and she wrote a personal little sentiment on the first page. How lovely is that! The necklace is very cute - I love the mother/daughter theme. You can also see her postcard that she told us about in her Flying Lessons.

The entire day has been so nice so far. In the morning I went to Michaels - because another store that I actually wanted to visit was still closed. I don't shop at Micheals very often, but every now and then I stop by and just wander the aisles. Today rubber stamps were 40% off and they actually had a few very nice ones. Others were on clearance. Plus some nice little brads. I also found the Tim Holtz idea-ology paper pack which I really like.

All in all - some nice little surprises during a good day. I am so grateful.


soraya nulliah said...

Hi Carola..I love the gifts you received in the mail...and I love Tim Holtz...all of his stuff is amazing.
Yes...Trader Joes has the best soup. I think in my imagination I see myself making soup and bread from scratch but in's Trader Joes and Panera Bread:)

Blue moon mama said...

Your post has reminded me that I want to get to her shop and get a necklace and an iPhone skin. I've never bought any of her work before, only admired it from afar. It's time to buy something! I might even buy some Christmas gifts for family. Good to know you had a great shopping experience with her!

windrock studio said...

Hey Carola, don't you just love surprises? Getting something special in the mail would certainly make it a great day ... enjoy!

patty said...

Hi Carola, I have Kelly Rae's datebook for this year, which she signed for me at the BePresent retreat last year. I just use it for special inspirational/affirmation-type stuff! So fun! I have found myself in Michael's quite a bit lately as well. Always something on special and they have the coupons! Enjoy your new stuff!!

Christine E-E said...

I too find myself in Michael's - you can get coupons online too! especially helpful when i want to buy a paper punch (which are pretty expensive)... I haven't shopped much on etsy - I fear I would want to buy too many things.... eckk!
I love visiting your blog... especially checking out your pictures..

amy friend said...

thanks ~ now i know which datebook i'll need for the new year. i've been considering all kinds of options, and finally ruled out online options!

more lovely surprises to you!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carola. I am so happy to meet you through this amazing group. Thank you so much for reading my posts and for taking the time to comment. I know, for experience, that is is so difficult to follow all the wonderful blogs we find each day. This is a lovely post. I love Kelly's work and most of all the great "adventure" of her life in this her art journey!

Your work is very creative! I love it. I love the photos! Where is that place in the banner photo, it is soo beauitiful. My younger son is a phtographer and he is very creative. he works mostly in weddings. You can see his work

Have a great Sunday and a week full of blessings!