Monday, September 6, 2010

Running a Mile

Her first meet in Cross Country is only a few days away, so Kaefer is practicing in the park, running a mile. Not in running shoes, however - those she forgot at the friend's house when she thought she'd run a mile with her yesterday.

Oh well - true determination even runs in converse shoes.



What a nice shot of your daughter. My son was in cross country too when he was in high school.....hmmm.... 19 years ago, whew! Where did those years go?

Looked though some of your past posts. The bread had my mouth watering! OMG, that looked like heaven! We lived in Germany in the late 80's. Loved the food! Miss the bread (brochen). My son couldn't eat it though as he had braces on his teeth, poor kid! Had some of the best sausage I ever had in a village near the Rhine, but have forgotten the name now. We lived in the small village of Dillendorf. Missed volksmarching too! Such fond memories!

Julia Dunnit said...

Fab shot Carola, and what a great ambition...the Convys kinda just ass to the 'cool', huh!

Cara said...

Great shot, I love the composition and how your is drawn from her down the path to the other side. Hope she does well in her meet.

Anonymous said...

According to my teen girl, Converse sneakers are good for anything!