Friday, September 17, 2010

Early Morning Walk

On Friday mornings, right after drop-off at school, my friend Jo (she's the one who gave me the ornamental oregano) and I walk her dog. It's a beautiful 3-mile-walk around a calm lake during which we often see lots of birds. Beside the geese and mallards we saw today, we also discovered a juvenile green heron

and a juvenile snipe

I love watching birds, and finding these two special ones really made my morning!


La Vie Quotidienne said... are so fortunate to live in such a glorious place...I feel lucky on my morning walk not to get run-over by a commuter! (-: Love the birds.

HeARTworks said...

Oh you live in a beautiful area- what a blessing! I live in the crowded city of manila and we have to drive hours before we can see a place as beautiful! Patsy from

makiko hastings said...

Aren't they gorgeous! Love watching birds too, and more so since I live up here in North Yorkshire. Lots around and come to our garden. xm