Friday, September 17, 2010

Art Walk Friday

"What is your favorite landscape genre?"

This was Rhonda's challenge for this week's Art Walk Friday. I have wanted to participate in this challenge for quite some time, but never really did (and please don't ask why - uncertainty? not feeling good enough? who knows...). This week, however, I decided to finally "throw" my photo in.

I love to take pictures of landscapes in not so ideal conditions. Fog is one of my favorite moods to shoot along - it's mysterious, magical and always changes (at least at the edges). I found that there are different kinds of fog - in Maine I experienced the fog as a veil that softly lays down; here on the West Coast the fog is more like a blanket that heavily covers everything beneath it. Its beauty appears when it starts to slowly lift and dance around.

Like here at my favorite lake. I had just dropped off the kids at school and wanted to go on a quick brisk walk. When I arrived in the parking lot I saw how beautiful the fog lingered among the trees and above the lake. Fortunately I had my small point-and-shoot camera with me (though I prefer my DSLR) and spent a wonderful creative hour shooting away happily.


Kat Sloma said...

Beautiful Carola! How is that a "not so ideal" condition? It's perfect!

Diana said...

Hi Carola, I like fog, too. The sound is different when your in it and it never stays around very long. Pretty photo. Must have been a nice walk, too. (P.S. - I must have 20 nutcrackers over the years, all from, who else, but my mom)

Cindy Adkins said...

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Marcie said...

Stunning! Me too - I love those foggy..misty..moody mornings. Wonderful image!

Anonymous said...

I love fog too, especially over water!
This is a beautiful photo.

patty said...

Isn't it just the best when you happen upon those unexpected circumstances like fog rolling in and out? Makes me forget about time altogether! Beautiful image!!