Sunday, July 27, 2014

To The Last Drop

I've always enjoyed the pubs in England. They're some special places, often in very old buildings. You order your drink at the bar that is usually crowded, and you either stay there, standing with your beer in your hand and talking to the other folks. Or you walk over to a table and sit there, talking with your friends. 

Perhaps you even enjoy some pub food. The food in the pubs is way better than its reputation and you can get a really decent meal there. Some pubs pride themselves with their excellent food. They're cheaper than a fancy restaurant and have definitely more atmosphere. They are noisier as well, but that belongs to the special charm an evening at the pub offers.

Some pubs are open all day. Nowadays there are pubs that serve breakfast. I am not sure whether the "last order" is still called shortly before 11:00 pm, I haven't stayed that long in one this time. When I visited England often in the eighties and nineties it sure was so, except for a few days in the year like Christmas Eve, when the pubs were FULL and the mood was merry. They usually were open longer on those days.

The pub is a great place to meet up with your friends, go there for a drink before or after going to the theater, movies etc. You can go to the pub to have your pre-dinner drink and then walk on to the restaurant you chose for the evening. Pubs are loud and noisy, there are no TVs (thank the Lord) and it's easy to get in touch with perfect strangers. I've met many people there and spent some jolly hours in good company.

Most pubs have their own sign - from traditional to modern and everything in between. I just love to walk along the streets in the villages, towns and cities and look for those signs. There is almost always one Red Lion pub to find - I think it's the most common name for a pub. Here, I loved "The Last Drop Inn" and "The Yorkshire Terrier". Or what about that "Roman Bath" where they serve you John Smith's brews?


Writing in your journal is a great pastime while sitting in a pub.
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Elephant's Child said...

They sound infinitely more civilised than many of ours - which are places to swill down as much alcohol as possible (while watching television) or playing pin balls. And last time I went to a pub here the food was very ordinary indeed.
Love those names and signs too.

JoZart Designs said...

I really enjoyed your viewpoint on our pubs along with the variety of great pub sign photos. I must say that you were so lucky to come across pubs without TVs!!! They usually have them now with HUGE screens to draw in the punters for big sporting events..... so the pubs then are extra noisy.
Love Jo x

Willkommen auf meiner Kreativseite. said...

Herrlich diese Pub-Schilder-Sammlung! Ich habe die auch immer fotografiert. Manches sind richtige Kunstwerke. Dass das Essen in Pubs lecker ist, haben wir in Wales auch festgestellt.


Michelle said...

Sitting in a pub right now, with some friends, sounds very appealing!

windrock studio said...

I hope for a chance to experience these pubs for myself but who knows when that will happen so I appreciate all the sharing you do!

Gail Dixon said...

I'll bet my daughter is enjoying some of those pubs now! So many interesting signs. Best of luck with your notebook sales. They are very creative.

Darla said...

The signs are great. Visited some English pubs years ago and have fond memories.


Andria said...

It's fun to see all the signs together as a collection--such artistry in all those images! I really like the travel journal available in your shop...lovely!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful pub signs, I do miss the English pubs over here. Valerie

Magic Love Crow said...

Got to love those pubs ;o) LOL! Love the pictures of the signs ;o) Cute journals ;o) Hugs ;o)