Monday, October 31, 2011

Made in Germany 32 - Cemetery

Since we don't have Halloween in Germany (although it has been getting more popular in the last few years), I decided to post an image of a cemetery for today's Made in Germany - it's at least related.

Most cemeteries are beautiful peaceful places in Germany. Almost all of them have very old parts, and it is interesting to walk among those old gravesites and read the tombstones. Some of them are so old that you can't read what's written on them. Fortunately, despite the terrible history of my country, there are still Jewish cemeteries that have beautiful tombstones and seem to be a haven for wildlife. The tombstones are beautifully carved, like the one in the second picture.

When I still lived in Germany I often went to a cemetery to sit on a bench, listen to the birds and either read or write in my journal (or both). It was like entering another world, a world of quiet, calm and peace.  It fed my soul. After one or two hours I felt renewed and very calm.

Do you like to visit cemeteries or do you think that's creepy?



JoZart Designs said...

I love visiting cemeteries all over the world wherever I travel. So much art and social information to be absorbed. I really love your last photo with the clasped hands.
I left a message asking if you would please email me ( addy on my sidebar) re our swap... I have an idea.
Love Jo x

Darla said...

I do like to visit cemeteries, particularly the old ones. Of course we here in the Western US don't have "old" like other places.


Silvia(Barnie) said...

Ich finde es nicht beängstigend über Friedhöfe zu gehen. Alte Grabsteine und Steinengel, etc. faszinieren mich.

Kay L. Davies said...

I like to visit cemeteries in the daytime. I'm not so sure I'd want to be there at midnight. :o)
Beautiful photos.

CherryPie said...

I do love to visit cemeteries, there is so much interesting history to be found in them.

Lovely photos :-)

Christine E-E said...

we always visit cemeteries! love the stonework. not a whole lot of that in our area. the cemetery my dad was buried required a flat headstone laid in the ground. it IS very peaceful to drive by and visit with him.... we take our clippers & tidy up his area. in boston, ma we found the headstone for mother goose? i could be wrong as it was 11 years ago & i am getting on in age... ha! ha!
your pictures from germany are so very interesting! will give my mom the link so she can relive her travels there through your blog posts.

Meegan said...

Beautiful photos! Like you I love visiting cemeteries and always get a feeling of peace & renewal from them. Right out of high school I lived with a boyfriend in a home right next to a very picturesque tree filled old catholic cemetery. I loved taking picnic blankets & books over there and spending a few hours.

Creatissimo said...

I always check cemeteries when I travel. I think they show the traditions of the country. We light candles on graves, so I don't mind going there in the dark.
Our cemeteries are different from those you showed on your pictures...

seabluelee said...

I love cemeteries and have visited them in places as diverse as Virginia City, Nevada and Boston, Mass. (Christine E-E, I've seen that Mother Goose headstone too!) For several years I lived across the street from a beautiful cemetery and arboretum in Dayton, Ohio, and I went there often to soak in the peace and take photographs of the beautiful trees and monuments.