Thursday, September 16, 2021

August Break


During the month of August I participated in Susannah Conway's August Break on Instagram. She gave us prompts for each day to show our photography. I played most days and I want to show you a few of the photos I posted.

The "challenge" started with the prompt "window". I took the photo above in Germany when I was still using film. The image didn't turn out completely sharp, so I processed it in Photoshop and gave it a "painterly" effect. I quite like it this way.

The prompy for day 7 was "glass". I love the stunning art of Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, especially their "Red Lantern" that I saw several years ago at Cornerstone Gardens. I wrote about it in 2014 here and perhaps some of you remember the White Cloud, by the same artists. 

"Lavender" was for day 10 - I have so many photos of lavender that I could hardly decide which one, but finally I chose the lavender and olive trees at Matanzas Creek Winery. This is still my favorite "corner" in the lavender garden.

What to show for "wooden" (day 19)? What about some old driftwood that my friend Jo gave me before she moved to Portland? It used to be in her garden, now it is in mine. Just recently I moved it in front of the birdbath when I started to work on my current big garden project.

Day 21, "monochrome". That's not always easy because I don't really take many monochrome pictures. Of course I could post-process them and give them a monochrome colorway, but I wasn't happy with that. Then I remembered the pottery in Egypt. These pots were piled on a street corner in Luxor, and while they're not exactly monochrome, they aren't "multichrome" either.

Of course it had to be a cairn for "stone" (day 27) - you know how much I love them. This one is still my favorite of all the cairns I ever photographed, found on a very foggy morning on Ruby Beach in Washington State.

"Adventure" was the prompt for day 28. I see all our trips and travels as adventure. Especially hiking in rough terrain is something I truly like, even though it sometimes brings me to my limits. The award is always priceless and so worth it. Here you can see my booted feet above the Fire Wave in Nevada's Valley of Fire.

The prompt for day 20 was my favorite one - "I love". No explanation needed.


Elephant's Child said...

These are stunning. Your heart and soul are expressed in all of them. Thank you.

Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic photos, love the booted feet! Stone cairns are always fascinating. Have a great Friday, Valerie

My name is Erika. said...

Gorgeous photos Carola. It is fun to see this interesting places when we're still not traveling a lot yet. Those pots in Luxor are amazing.As well as the red glass at the gardens. Thanks for sharing! hugs-Erika

Linda said...

These made me smile. Wonderful, whimsical, magical and fun.

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, the days when we were using film! Waiting so long to see if it was what we wanted to capture! (And I was often disappointed!)
Glad for editing today!
The glass is beautiful.

Before "Corinna" hit we had a French festival where you could buy lavender, and I always did. Sacks, soaps....

Cool driftwood! The pottery came out great, too. Someone was really crafty with those stones. I would never ever... are you crazy?! It looks beautiful, but huhhhh.. dangerous! Your love can jump high! And she´s beautiful.

Mae Travels said...

Those are breathtaking photos! I love the peaceful look of the lavender and olive trees, and the pottery in monochrome.

best... mae at

Jeanie said...

This is fabulous, Carola. And what a fun series of images. I love the painterly wisteria but the one that made me smile big was "I Love." Of course you do -- who wouldn't with joy like that?!

Red Rose Alley said...

What wonderful photos, Carola. Creative and artistic, and that last one is priceless.