Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Gratitude

Can you believe it? It's raining!! Finally, it's raining. I woke up to the sound of rain - oh the sweetest sound ever at the moment. I am so grateful for all the water that comes down.

Another sound I like to wake up to is the one of birds. When the birds sing in the morning it's truly spring. But we are not there yet. However, yesterday I woke up to the cries of geese who were flying over our house - I love their "chatting". Another thing to be grateful for.

Talking about birds, I have been waiting for the Northern Flicker to come into my garden. I had seen her around our house, sitting on the telephone poles and lines. But so far she hadn't come into my garden. Yesterday was the day! I saw her sitting on the lawn (or what is left of it), busy ripping up the poor remains of that green patch. I was lucky to get one photo of her before she took off. They are very shy and seem to be able to look through windows!

I am grateful that my daughter still goes to German School in a town 30 miles away from here, every Saturday morning. She is determined to pass both exams - the German language diploma and the AP exam - that would make it possible for her to attend a German university right after high school if she wishes to do so (the regular high school graduation is not recognized at German universities). I am thankful that she is thinking and working on keeping as many options open for her as possible. While she is at school I usually spend the time in the public library, and there I found a very helpful book about selling on Etsy with some great ideas how I can improve my Etsy store. It was a very interesting read, I learned a lot. Now I need to put it into action!

Last week I finished knitting some socks for a good friend of mine who will be going through chemotherapy very soon. We met a few days ago, and she is always such an inspiration to me. She was so happy about the socks, and I promised her to knit another pair.

I'm glad that I "re-discovered" knitting. I learned it in elementary school, and I remember that horrible teacher we had. She was mean and very much "old school", convinced that the woman's place was in the house (this is the 60's we're talking about). While the boys in class learned woodworking (lucky them!) the girls learned needlework - embroidery (I still hate it), crochet (still can't do it) and knitting. That I actually liked after I "got" it. I found it relaxing and enjoyed the progress of my work. At that time we were knitting animals - the shape of a animal, then stitch it together and fill it with whatever. I had chosen a polar bear and was looking forward to my completed animal. However, I had to ask the teacher how to decrease stitches, and when I went to her she just screamed "this is way too loose" and ripped the entire thing off. After that my motivation was gone - for many many years. What a terrible teacher!

Perhaps you can understand that after this frustrating experience I am really grateful that I eventually started knitting again - with the help of wonderful friends who showed me how to do it.

So - what are you grateful for? How was your week? Please share in the comments if you like.

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GlorV1 said...

Great photos Carola. I love those socks, just awesome. It sounds like you have a wise daughter. Have a great week.

Elephant's Child said...

I always love your gratitude posts. And rain. The just washed scent of the country after rain is amazing. And the land drinks deep and revives.
Your teacher was a disgrace to her profession and if all you can pass on is negativity and fear, I would hope that you get out. Quickly.

Friko said...

Some teachers really were impossible. I am surprised that that lasted into the 60s. In the 50s you could still blame the harsh war years.

It’s good that your daughter does German. My son did it at school in the UK and he has a smattering left. Both my kids went on holiday to Germany and spoke it reasonably well but both neglected it in later life.

I am particularly grateful for sunny days at the moment. It is usually grey and miserable, this being the UK and only February. But today was lovely and Millie and I had a walk under gloriously blue skies.

Barb said...

My grandchildren are with us this weekend - for that I'm very grateful. What a mean teacher - I'm a retired teacher, and I cringe to read what she did! Lovely socks for your ill friend. Good Luck to your daughter in her studies.

Laurie said...

Carola, I'm so sorry your teacher treated you like that. Now, I'm not a violent person, but that makes me want to smack her. I'm glad you have friends that taught you how to knit. Those socks are pretty and you are so kind to treat your friend with a pair.

Michelle said...

Today I am grateful for time with my family this weekend. And, also some time at home to complete some much needed chores. I admire your ability to knit. Something I wish I knew how to do.

gina said...

Since I live in your part of the world, I also am very grateful for the rain. It's washed away the dirt and brought water to the parched plants and soil. What a good knitter you are -- those socks are beautiful! My mom tried to teach me, but I never got the hang of it.

JoZart Designs said...

Such beautiful photographs Carola. You always have a certain sensitivity which I love.
It's a lovely feeling to be glad of rain and it reminds me of times I have walked uncovered in rain and thought how lucky I was to be soaking wet, to return to a warm home, a shower and a hot drink.
Today I am grateful that the Brighton wing of my family will arrive here on Saturday and I'm looking forward to fun and cuddles with those two curly girlies.
Jo x

Unknown said...

Das erste Bild mit den Regentropfen ist ja wunderschön Carola :)
Und der Sonnenaufgang mit den Enten ist auch wunderschön! :))
Ach, Deine Fotos sind alle schön :)
Und Dein Käfer scheint mir ein sehr ernsthaftes und verständiges Mädel zu sein, ich drücke ihr alle Daumen, dass sie alle Brücken schafft und sich ihr Leben zusammen stellen kann wie sie es möchte.
Und Deiner Freundin wünsche ich sehr viel Kraft und Stärke, um ihre Krankheit zu überwinden. Aber mit zwei Paar von den wundervollen Socken sollte das auch funktionieren, ich wünsche es ihr sehr!
Liebe Grüße

John's Island said...

The socks look wonderful ... Looks to me like you did an excellent job knitting them. Shame on that teacher you had. It does remind me of something ... (I'm a retired teacher) ... When we first started using computers in class kids would say to me, This is stupid. I would say to them, Well, maybe it's not as stupid as it seems, let's keep working on it. Later, when they understood how to use the software, they would often come back to me and thank me for keeping them on task to learn the program. I think that teacher you had was not a real teacher at heart. Thanks for sharing this neat post! John

Krisha said...

Most of us in CA are very grateful for the rain this weekend. Being in the southern half, we didn't get as much, but loved every drop we did get!

Looking back (way the 60s too) I had one teacher that was very much like the one you had. She was one of my art teachers and the ONLY one that gave me a low grade. But she made me determined to prove her wrong, so in some ways I am grateful that I had her for a teacher.......I think...

Tammie Lee said...

lovely images
and wonderful things to be grateful for

i was told that the flicker is known as the medicine bird, good medicine to see it or find one of it's feathers. but not good if they start making holes on your house!

sweet week to you.

21 Wits said...

Oh those socks look perfect for this time of year! Thank you for such a feel good post! Enjoy your week!

TexWisGirl said...

what a sweet gift for your friend. love to see the flickers. :) and hooray for rain for you!!!

The Chilly Dog said...

I love your socks. Beautiful! This weekend I was grateful to spend some time visiting my daughter at her university. What a treat!

Jeanne said...

LOVE this shot of the geese flying over! So beautiful. Also i am impressed with your knitting skills! Great work!