Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hell's Backbone

I've seldom seen a place with such a fitting name as Hell's Backbone.

This is a rather short stretch of spectacular Highway 12 in Utah that connects Capitol Reef National Park with Bryce Canyon National Park. It's only a few miles - but these are extraordinary.

When you approach this particular part it looks like this:

Quite okay, really. In this picture you just don't realize how steep the land falls down left of the highway. Oh, and by the way, it does the very same on the right - as you can see in this image.

Which means that the road runs along this narrow part with steep cliffs on both sides. Hence the name.

Hell's Backbone.

I don't think they could have called it more accurately. There's also a place nearby - a tiny town or village, a settlement - that is called Hell's Backbone. It's probably harmless compared to this stretch of highway.

The views from the backbone are spectacular. To the left...

... and to the right....

I love this particular stretch of Highway 12. Whenever we drive along here - and we have done so often - I get excited and look forward to these few miles. Usually I am the one who drives here.

Yes, I know I'm crazy.


This is Bryce Canyon as a photo art card,
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Barb said...

I love this area and have stayed in a motel nearby with a lovely restaurant called Hells Backbone Grill where all the food is grown on site.

Felicia said...

I remember driving on this road when we visited Utah. Now I should dig out my old film images.

Unknown said...

Da möchte ich auch zu gerne mal langfahren :) Weniger wegen der Fahrbahn ohne Leitplanken, aber wegen der grandiosen Aussichten :))
Und nett, dass man da Buchten zum Anhalten und Genießen eingebaut hat :)
Wünsche Dir noch einen tollen Tag

sage said...

I know that road well--between Escalante and Boulder... Escalante Canyon is a wonderful backpacking trip and Calf Falls makes for a great dayhike, especially when it is hot in the summer

Michelle B said...

What a gorgeous drive! I can't believe it is a cliff on both sides of the road. I usually let my husband drive those types of roads, then I can look around more for picture taking opportunities. :)

Linda Kay said...

Spectacular views! The windiest one I've ever been on was the Amalfi Coast Drive along the Mediterranean in Italy.

21 Wits said...

That would be me behind the wheel too, except when I can get out and take pictures too. A lovely place.

windrock studio said...

Yes, you are crazy but I love your kind of crazy and the fantastic adventures you take us on. Awesome images!

Pamela Gordon said...

I would be a nervous wreck driving along that road although the views certainly are quite spectacular.