Monday, September 22, 2014

Everything Scottish

Now that the Scots have voted to stay within the Union - or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - we can rejoice in everything Scottish. Just for the record - we would have done the same thing if they had voted for independence.

So, what is Scottish? Or what do we see as Scottish?

Of course there is the bad weather - rain and fog...

which you can still transform into something very patriotic (I wonder whether this is a "yes" supporter?).

Of course the kilts...

and everything tartan - bagpipes, too.

The Scottish lion - or to be correct, the Royal Standard of Scotland or the Royal Arms of Scotland, also known as the Lion Rampant of Scotland. Here you see it at the entrance gate to Edinburgh Castle.

You can find it almost everywhere.

Of course we cannot forget Haggis!

But have you heard of luxury Scottish Ice Cream? Probably royal as well.

The cute Scottish Terrier - who cannot love it?

What did I forget (apart from the single malt whiskey)? Tell me in the comments. What is specific Scottish for you?


Elephant's Child said...

The Scottish accent does it for me (better than bagpipes because it doesn't make me weep). And shortbread. And thistles... And cairngorms. And Robbie Burns.

Erika said...

Das sind so schöne Impressionen, liebe Carola, vielen Dank!
Ein tolles Volk, das seine Politik ohne Waffen macht. Siehe das Referendum.
Viele liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

I see Elephant's Child beat me to shortbread! That's what always bring Scotland to mind! Fab captures!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post ;o) One of our very closest family friend's is Scottish ;o)
For sure shortbread, Scottish Terriers and Haggis ;o)
Hugs ;o)

CATHY said...

great photos - I want to try the ice cream : )

Cranberry Morning said...

Wonderful photos! Let's see: Billy Connolly as John Brown.

Sally H said...

wonderful photos, Carola! shortbread, oatcakes, thistles, hills and mountains, castles and the Loch Ness monster!!!