Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Texture Tuesday

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday. It's the free and easy edition, that means our photo should have at least one of Kim's textures. During the fall festival I wrote about here I saw this overturned boat - it has been there for years, and every time I take a photo of it.

Here's the recipe:

- turned the photo into black and white with the gradient map
- brushed back the color onto the boat in the layer mask
- some hue/saturation adjustment
- added Kim's texture "shadesofnovember" in blending mode color burn at 100%
- added a layer mask and brushed away most of the texture except on the boat and the rocks in the foreground


Kay L. Davies said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but turned out gorgeous, Carola.

patty said...

Great job, Carola. It's very dramatic!!

Evelyn S. said...

What a wonderful image! I know of an old pickup about 30 miles from my home...and I take a side road to photograph it every time I'm in that area. This is great application of texture on this wonderful old boat.

gina said...

Such an interesting image -- the textures and selective use of color adds so much drama. Well done!

Currie Silver said...

I love how you explained this. I am just starting to register things to DO with layer masking and such. I notice that if I take it slow and SEE it in others' work, I come to the actual learning of it more gently.

This is really quite clever and well explained!! Thank you!!

Sally H said...

Fabulous! I too am fascinated by old boats, and take way too many photos when I see them! Love what you have done here! One day I will find the time to make my photos into art, like you do x

Elephant's Child said...

Wow. It does sound like heaps of work - but the end result is stunning. Thank you.

Pat said...

Love the result!

Ginnie said...

I love it! :)