Sunday, October 28, 2012

The BIG Painting

When we moved into our new house we had to renovate the downstairs bathroom since it had some dry rot. We replaced the shower, got new tiles throughout and painted it in a rather neutral, "shy" color. It definitely needed some bold color, especially since there is a big blank wall over the bathtub. We almost never shower down here and do not use the bath tub, so we thought I could paint a really big canvas and hang it over the bath tub.

Deep breath. I had never worked on a big blank canvas. My biggest size so far had been 9x12. Suddenly I was confronted with a 30x40 inches big canvas - and it was frighteningly blank.

So I thought instead of staring at this huge area of white I just start by splashing some color on it and see where it takes me from there. I started out with some yellow.

From there on I added more color, pretty randomly at first and then with some more thought behind it. I used different tools to apply the paint - this stipple brush, brayer, credit card, bristle brush, paper towel, my fingers (no, I am not left handed; I paint with my left hand here because I am holding my camera in my right hand).

Finally, the entire canvas was covered in color.

Some parts I like a lot, like this green area where I created a pattern with the edge of the credit card.

I also like the yummy texture on some parts.

This is how far I got in my first "sitting". I had hoped to get back to it today, but totally failed to do that. By posting about it here I hope I have the motivation to continue working on it and show you the progress.

This little guy was my companion while I painted (I painted outside because I needed a lot of space):


Kokopelli said...

It reminds me a lot of fall colors and colorful leaves on the ground.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

WEll it looks like you are off to a good start for sure...great colors too...and your little "friend" is soooo pretty! I paint the big ones outside too....wanna see my colored grass? THose days are over for this year though as we got our first BIG snowfall this weekend. I guess it is better than having SANDY come our way though. Have a good week!

Marcie said...

What fun!! And what bold brave happy bright colors you've chosen to work with!

Ginnie said...

Now you have all of us sitting in the grandstands, cheering you on, Carola. I do like your choice of colors!

Darla said...

Good for you for tackling the big canvas, looks good. What a cute little painting pal you had to visit with.


Ella said...

How exciting isn't that! I wish I could do something like that some day. I'm looking forward to see what you do next.

Elephant's Child said...

Ooooh. Vibrant and exciting. I love the collusion between colour and texture. And your painting companion was delightful as well.
I am looking forward to the next stage(s). Thank you.

patty said...

Yay, Carola - way to go!! The largest piece I have done with what I am doing now is 16 x 20. My hubby keeps challenging me to go bigger, but that's the largest my little wall at the gallery will hold. So that's my excuse for now... I LOVE your bold colors!!

Michele said...

You are brave to paint so big! I wish I could do that!!

I love the colours you have chosen and your painting companion. :-)