Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time to Relax

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends! What are you doing today?

We're going to a little local fair, taking Kaefer's friend with us - they can take off by themselves, and the Geek and I can enjoy the fair our way.


windrock studio said...

This image just made me sigh deeply ~ it's so crazy in our little town that we will be staying close to the cottage. I'm sure your day will be lovely, enjoy!

Lynn Cohen said...

Not a huge fan of fairs. Would rather be in one of those deck chairs, preferably on a ship sailing to some exotic spot.

but instead I am about to clean out a kitchen cabinet where cat food and noodles have spilled and made a mess.

maybe I will draw something later. catfood and noodles? that's an idea.

Have fun.

DVArtist said...

Thanks and you have fun at the fair.

Frida said...

Sitting in one of those with a big ice cream wouldn't be too bad :-)