Monday, August 20, 2012


On Saturday we went to a wonderful bakery in a nearby village. This bakery is open only over the weekend (Friday to Monday) and only sells the most delicious breads and scones. The store is always swamped - it is THE bread and scone destination.

We bought several loaves of bread and each of us had a scone - mine was white nectarine, garden raspberry and ginger - oh yummy! We had a feast over the weekend eating bread - it's the best food in the world for us.


Orsolina said...

Hmmmm, es geht nichts über ein leckeres, frisches, knuspriges Brot.
LG Biggi

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Now you've done it. I am hungry for a scone and don't have one ... you find the best stuff for your blog. Your picture of the bread is perfect ... I almost feel like I could cut a slice ... yummmm. Thanks Carola. Now I think I better go get some breakfast. I have a loaf of Asiago peppercorn bread for toast. Wish I could share it with you.

Andrea @ From The Sol

windrock studio said...

Me, too! Sounds like an awesome place and such a beautiful loaf that you
photographed, yum!

Frida said...

It's so nice to discover new shops with things one like the most. I really miss real bread as the gluten free bread leaves more to wish for.

Lynn Cohen said...

what flavors to delight any mouth. Why not give the "village" a shout out and store name for those of us who just might travel past. Thanks. sounded heavenly. Photo crisp too. ;-)

Kokopelli said...

Hmmm, frisches Brot! Nichts better als das, aber am liebsten noch selbstgebacken.

Yum, fresh bread! Nothing better, best when home baked.

Darla said...

From the look of the loaf in the picture I would say I'd be in that line every weekend.