Saturday, August 4, 2012

The County Fair Is In Town

 August Break #4

Every yer at the end of July and beginning of August the county fair is in town for about two weeks. Almost every year I went there with Kaefer, sometimes in the company with other friends, sometimes not. I remember it as always being hot.

This year, though, I didn't go. I figured that Kaefer now is old enough to go without the "parental supervision" and would probably have way more fun with her friend than with her boring mom who doesn't go on any rides anymore. For me it was a relief that I could just drop off the kids.

All these pictures are from last year's fair, when I took Kaefer and a friend there, but they then could take off by themselves. For me it was a photo outing that I enjoyed - and when I got tired I could give my feet a little treatment (which I didn't do)...

or eat lots of sweet and sticky stuff (which I don't like).

I'm always drawn to the animals at the fair and enjoy watching the 4H kids. For them this is a big event where they will see whether all their hard work was worth it (I guess it was no matter what - they learned something for life which is so much more important than a medal or any kind of prizes anyway).

I also like to stroll around the arts and crafts sections. This painting was created by an 8-year-old. Quite impressive for such a young age.

The Ferris Wheel is the only ride I would do - but even there I get a bit queasy. I guess I'm really getting old...

Do you like to go to the fair?


Deborah Tisch said...

Last summer the hubby and I went to the county fair and rode the Ferris Wheel...and it was the first time I had done that in years. I have to say it was lots of fun, especially since I had the camera along.

Tito Eric said...

Wow! How delightful. Haven't had cotton candy in some time. Last Ferris Wheel ride I took was in NYC's Coney Island may may years ago. Wonderful shots!


Maria Ontiveros said...

I think it's sometimes in the little things where we notice our children growing up! I do enjoy the fair myself. We used to enter jam, which was always fun.
And, welcome to the photo scavenger hunt! LOL! It's lots of fun, and there's plenty of time to find the items, as it runs until mid-September.

seabluelee said...

I like going to the fair, but don't like the rides. The ferris wheel terrifies me - I'm always afraid I'll fall out somehow. And I'm with you, I don't like that sweet stuff either, especially cotton candy. Ugh!

Ginnie said...

We took my grandson to the fair every fall when I lived in Atlanta, Carola, and continued even after I moved here to the Netherlands...because I made sure the timing was right. This year the timing is off because of my nephew's wedding a month earlier than we normally go. I'll HATE missing the fair. Even though he's now 12, he'd still want to go, and maybe this time with a friend? We'll have to see what happens next year when he's a teenager. :)

Growing up the fair meant 4-H to me. So I love that you included that part.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love that first shop of the kids on that big ride! Awesome angle.

Carola said...

Fantastic shots!
I like to take photos there, but I'm not going for a ride. My favorite are city festivals with walk acts, different stages for music or theater, we have some famous here.
Stadtfest oder Kanalfest oder Parkfest heißen die hier in der Umgebung und ich versuche da jedes Jahr hin zu gehen.