Monday, July 25, 2011

Made in Germany 18 - Sunflowers and Wine

We lived in a small village about 10 kilometers away from Tübingen. I often biked to Tübingen along back roads, a very enjoyable ride. Sometimes the entire family biked to town just for some delicious Italian gelato and then back home again. A peaceful, low-key outing.

This is one of the views we had during those bike rides, of sunflowers, the church in the neighbor village and the hills covered with vineyards.

It spelled out one word:



Heather said...

a beautiful, "summer" shot. how lucky for you to see such beauty!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Great you know I used to live in Balingen....was in Tübingen quite often. Be glad you are not here this summer....not having much of one....just one of those years I guess. I think I need to chow down on that salad below...yummy!

Chantal said...

I wish the sun was here, like the yellow in the flowers... too bad, rain is what I get

Darla said...

Beautiful view and it must have been even better from the seat of a bike. There is something peaceful about bike riding in the country.


patty said...

Wow! That church is distinctive - immediately you can tell that you are not in the states. And the hillside - what an amazing shade of blue!!

Unknown said...

What a view I can't believe you left it for the US. This must be a very memorable time in your life. and now you have a garden at home and your photography is wonderful ;0) I look forward to seeing more of your mix media work Dxx