Monday, July 11, 2011

Made in Germany 16 - Playmobil

Those of you with kids who play with Playmobil will easily recognize this pirate ship.

While visiting Nürnberg in summer 2009 we spent a wonderful summer day in the Playmobil Funpark that is close by. Kaefer had always wanted to go there and finally her dreams came true. She was one happy camper. This park is true fun for the entire family - and affordable! There is nothing Disney about this place - not a single ride - but a lot of man size Playmobil "toys" where the kids can play and play until the cows come home. They have to use their own imagination, can float over the river using their own strength, there are dangerous rivers with lurking crocodiles to cross, cows to milk on the farm and quite some stunning playgrounds. For the rainy days there is a HUGE indoors play structure plus a restaurant with good and healthy food for affordable prices. Fun for the entire family!

Do you have anything German to share? A memory, song, book, photo - whatever? Then please leave your URL in the comments and we come by.


alexa said...

I've never heard of the Playmobil park! It looks wonderful! Off to Munich to see my DS later in the week and will pop back on my return!

Kay L. Davies said...

My youngest niece and nephew (9 and 7) would love this place. They have great imaginations and are quite capable of playing until the cows come home, at which point they would fall exhausted into bed.
I love the photo, Carola, and would love to be young enough to play at such a place.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lynn Cohen said...

This sounds like the perfect recreation area for kids and adults who are still kid like as well. I would love it and would love to take my grandkids there.

My husband was born in Germany Maybe one day we will meet up and I can "share him" with you! He sings! ;-)))