Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrating the Joy of Gardening

A couple of weeks ago, the local nursery where I usually shop for all my plants and gardening needs celebrated its 115th anniversary with a wonderful midsummer night. I love to go there because the moment you step into the nursery you are transferred into a different world - a world of color, scent and peacefulness. The staff is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable - there is no question they cannot answer. 90% of all the plants come from local growers and they offer a lot of organic stuff. Their vegetables so far have never disappointed me.

Being a regular customer, Kaefer and I attended their midsummer night, like so many other people. There were cookies and lemonade and some yummy fiesta food.

You could spin the wheel and win a plant (Kaefer did).

 You could look at beautiful roses and potted plants, and of course there were rows of veggies.

Water tickled from a fountain, and someone played the guitar nearby.

Toward the end of the evening we attended a demonstration how to plant hanging baskets for a shady spot and a big plant for a mainly sunny location - didn't they turn out beautifully?

Do you want to see my favorites? These guys - I just adore them!


alexa said...

What a splendid garden centre! Lovely photos, and I adore that little ram too. :)

Sally H said...

Oh wow! That sounds like a wonderful day! Those cookies sound fabulous and the plants, especially the herbs and veggies look amazing - I can almost smell them!

Kay L. Davies said...

All the pictures are beautiful, Carola, but I agree, those little animals are delightful, especially the little guy in the foreground. Wonderful!

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Chantal said...

I am not so much of a gardener myself, but I sure enjoy sitting in a nice flowery one or stroll around at the garden center

patty said...

Very cool - reminds me a little of the lavender festival in Sequim,WA. So glad you took your camera along!

Unknown said...

Oh what a lovely place to visit, full of inspiration the goats are way cute ;0) and Love the idea of lavender biscuits yummy Dxx