Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little reminders

In today's class of Picture Fall we are asked to show the words that we need as little reminders, the ones that we need to hear today. I had a hard time with that - quite a lot of words came into mind, like "I am enough", "I am capable". But how to photograph those?

I thought about the photography prompt during my workout class, while being in the grocery store, even while driving. It was nagging me all the time and I was close to give up.

Then it hit me when I least expected it. I was leafing through my (kind of) art journal when the words "Trust your crazy ideas" jumped at me. I have loved these words since I had received an envelope filled with stamps from my favorite stamp store in Santa Fe, NM. I was there last December and had ordered some stamps they didn't have in the store (they have great southwestern themed rubber stamps) and would send to me later. On the envelope Lee, the owner of the store, had stamped the words "Trust your crazy ideas". I had cut the words out of the envelope and used for a collage in that art journal. And I remembered to have seen the very same words in the wonderful book "5".

Trust your crazy ideas - this is something I need to tell myself over and over again, remind myself of almost every day. Stick to my ideas, take a photo the way I want, write a text about something that is important to me at that time. Don't worry about negative comments. Lead MY life and not a life according to the ideas of other people. And yes, some of my ideas are very different from those around me, but that doesn't mean they're worse or less worthy. They are important to me, and often to my family as well. That is what counts. But I need to remind myself of that more often than not.

Often I am an oddball, and that's okay. Actually, if someone calls me "odd" or even "weird" I take it as a compliment.

The rubber stamp store where it all began...

Oh, and if you like, pop over to Kim Klassen's Inspiration Studio tomorrow - I'm guest posting there about "Daily Practice".


Kelly said...

Yay Carola! Fly that Freak Flag with pride! I'm an oddball too, actually, and we need to be proud of that. Your trust those ideas, girl, and stick to being YOU.
Wonderful post...

Scrapping With Sherry said...

What an amazing and inspirational story. I love it! You are so right about being you. One thing that I read about when I was thinking about blogging is to write the way you talk. To do the same in comments too and the real you will come through and people will know that. I have kept that with me through all of this and now reading your post just affirms it even more.


Kristin Dudish said...

That is a fabulous photo!!! (and a great post... I can so relate!)
Embrace the crazy is what I always say ;)


Jane Davies said...

Love the photo! Isn't it interesting that we all have to reassure ourselves, repeatedly, that we are OK, that we can trust ourselves. Sign of very anxious times, the world changing so fast! You've hit the nail on the head. Thanks!


Meegan said...

What a wonderful photo and sentiment! I'm with you completely on embracing the 'weirdness' that makes you who you are. I think every year I grow a little more open to just letting it all hang out and not caring what others think. It's liberating! Slowly but surely I'm learning to say that I LIKE ME and especially like the quirky bits :)

Roban Studio ~ Rhonda said...

Wow Carola...those could be my words! I feel exactly the same way. It's like I'm always one step behind everyone and still haven't found my voice as an artist after all these years. But as I get older, I too am feeling if "they" don't like me as I am, it's "their" loss. Thanks for posting these thoughts.