Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping at IKEA

Kaefer and I went to IKEA today because she wanted to get a certain bookcase. Since we had lots of time we strolled through the showroom and the "Bermuda Triangle" (the market place), had lunch and finally got her bookcase. Here are a few of the things that we liked.

This lamp is just gorgeous - not necessarily a good source of light, but certainly pretty unique.

I just love these bed sheets.

My all time favourite kitchen - only I wouldn't opt for black tiles.

And finally this mirror - wow, I love that one. Perhaps one day I'll get it for my "studio". Reflected in it you can see the reason for our trip to IKEA - the Expedit bookcase.


Kat said...

I love, love, love IKEA! I'm not sure if it's the displays, the fun design, the prices or the marvelous intersection of the 3!

Marcie said...

Ikea is great..isn't it?? Fun images!!!

soraya nulliah said...

I LOVE Ikea too Carola!! They have this REALLY cute kid alligator mirror that I want to buy for Tara. Unfortunately though the closest Ikae is like 2 hours away!! thanks for sharing what you plant in your garden of is difficult but so well worth it. I heard this quote recently..."be yourself. everyone else is taken." I thought it was funny yet insightful!

Blue Moon Mama said...

I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea!! When I lived in southern California we use to go all the time. Now it's a bit too far to drive just to browse but when we first moved to Virginia we made the two hr. trek to Ikea to buy bookcases & a tv stand. I always long for the large canvas prints but what I'd really like to see my own photos & art on them someday!

Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. I took your advice on things to perk up my spirits and it did help.

gina said...

Hello, Carola. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Your blog is beautiful--so clean and uncluttered. I've been wanting to visit Ikea for a long time....perhaps now I will finally go.