Monday, August 9, 2010

Creative Color Challenge

Yesterday I decided to join Louise Gale's Creative Color Challenge. Every week in the month of August we're creating with just one color (plus black and white) in all its shades. It sounds really interesting and after I had looked at all the wonderful art work of the "Sunflower Yellow" challenge I decided to join.

I haven't done a creative challenge for a very long time. There was always this "I'm not good enough" feeling that stopped me from joining any kind of challenge. But yesterday I thought "what the heck can I lose?" This is supposed to be fun!

This week's color is Raspberry Red - a great color, and one that I love on top of that. My mind is busy with exploring the possibilities. Since I couldn't stop thinking of it I tried something new yesterday evening.

I started out with a photo of my daughter that I took a few weeks ago.

And then I converted it into black and white.

In a final step, the word "Love" turned into (raspberry) red.

No idea yet whether I will use this photo for the challenge, but it was a lot of fun to work with Photoshop. The Geek is a Photoshop expert and walked me through every single step of the process. I'm not sure I could repeat it right now, but I'm going to practice this with more of my pictures. I really like the result!


Diana said...

That looks like a fun one. I'm learning Photoshop, too. It would be a good one to use.

M2BM said...

Thanks for stopping by Carola. I'm gonna check out the color challenge. it does sounds fun. You also gave me 2 new ideas for magnets... "You are more than good enough." and "Just have fun." Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Well done!!:)

I use to work with Photoshop alot but I'm out of practice. Since having my baby I never seem to have the time for projects. I miss it!

Arti said...

The raspberry red came out really well... I too an not well versed with photoshop... Have a nice day...