Saturday, June 26, 2021

Morning at the Lake


Do you see the egret?

After a long long time I finally went to "my" lake again this week. The last time I walked there was back in September of last year - more than 9 months ago. Hard to believe that so much time without visiting has gone by.

But on Wednesday there was nothing stopping me to finally walk at the lake again. It was good to see the old crooked tree again that I love so much. A lot of poison oak had grown up the trunk.

There were new markers for the cross country teams that train and race here. When Kaefer was in middle school she was part of her school's cross country team and I remember those afternoon or Saturday morning races along the trails.

Maintenance crews were busy trimming overhanging branches, cutting back brush and taking out the rambling blackberry bushes that are incredibly invasive and endanger our native species. I was glad to see these men and women working so hard. This work is also important for wildfire prevention.

 Some places hadn't changed at all...

... whereas others looked very different. This bench is right at the lake and often the water was licking at the base of it, but today the cattails have grown further along the shore and almost completely hide the view of the lake.

New signs were put up as well, and I was particularly happy about this one since I always was annoyed by the fishing trash I found along the ground and in the trees at the shore.

 The bench where my friend Liz and I often sit and talk for hours was still there and fortunately no cattails in front of it. Form here we often watched otters, the ducks and geese and also some ospreys.

The other crooked tree was still there as well. It's always the crooked trees that are my favorites.

Further up from the lake along a narrow trail where almost never anybody walks I have found my favorite spot. I often sit here, listen to the birds and write in my journal. It's a great spot to meditate. Often, there are deer around - and today they were lying in the shade of the manzanita. So I didn't stop here, but kept on walking, enjoying the beauty of this special place.



Mae Travels said...

The lake looks like a very meditative place, and you seem to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere in a wonderful way. Your description is very soothing.

best... mae at

Martha said...

Fantastic collection of photos, and it sure looks like a beautiful day out! :)

Red Rose Alley said...

The lake is beautiful. Glad you got a chance to visit it, Carola. There is a lake nearby in the mountains, but I haven't ventured out to it yet. The lake is always a good place to take lovely photos. And during these hot Summer days, the water is refreshing. It's so hot this weekend. The twisty trees are pretty. And it's so special that you saw some deer along the way. The picture of the decking going out to the water is a great photo.

Try to stay cool this weekend, Carola. It's supposed to be a hot one.


Elephant's Child said...

It is a very special place indeed. I am so glad that you could go back.
I share your love of crooked trees too. They have a beauty all of their own.

Iris Flavia said...

That´s a beautiful lake indeed!
Just sad such a sign about trash is needed.
I think the crooked tree would freak me out at night ;-)

A beautiful place, maybe really worth all the fear with the fire...

Btw, the DeLorean came alive and you can see more Lego today at my little blog.

Valerie-Jael said...

I can see why you love to visit this place, it's really beautiful. Crooked trees are always very special. Have a great day, Valerie

Willkommen auf meiner Kreativseite. said...

Hallo Carola,
was für eine wunderschöne Gegend! Das glaube ich, dass man da gut abschalten und träumen kann. Nur die Geräusche der Natur. Hat man hier bei uns leider nur noch selten. Wenn ich so ein Fleckchen finde, dann genieße ich das auch mit allen Sinnen!
Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar auf meinem Blog.


My name is Erika. said...

How gorgeous Carola. That is a wonderful lake. Very very pretty. I'm glad you made it back after that long. Is the water low or is your area not suffering from the drought I've seen so often on TV. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and thanks for visiting my blog.

Jeanie said...

What a beautiful lake, Carola -- and your photos are fantastic. It must feel so good to return. It looks like your water is very low. Drought? We've been getting loads of rain, but before we were in drought. Even the swamp dried up. I'll have to check it again when I get back to the lake.I wish we could balance some of your weather and ours.

pam nash said...

What a lovely place to walk and sit and think and enjoy.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I too enjoyed this respite at the lake, Carola, if only through your words and photos on a very hot day. It also looked like the water level might be lower, not surprisingly because of drought conditions in so many places. Even the river we can see from our mill apt windows looks a bit lower. Those crooked trees would be my favorites as well, lots of character in them. Yes, I did see the egret!

Lowcarb team member said...

I enjoyed your photographs.
What a lovely place the lake and surrounding area looks.

All the best Jan

Michelle said...

That is a beautiful spot. Glad you were able to visit.

Magic Love Crow said...

A very special, beautiful place! Truly loved all the pictures! Big Hugs!