Friday, October 24, 2014

Still Life with Poppy Seed Pods

Using "hazyhazy" preset and "kk_teatime" texture in multiply at 65%

I am currently taking Kim Klassen's Start to Finish class - on the one hand I learn more about Lightroom which I am getting quite addicted to, and on the other hand this class is about still life. I hadn't done any still life photography before, not really, and I've found that I like it.

One of the assignments was to create and photograph a still life with a paper bag. Many thoughts wandered through my head - filling a paper bag with grapes or tomatoes or any kind of fruit. But that didn't cut it for me. One day I remembered all the poppy seed pods I saved from my garden - and with that I suddenly knew what I wanted to do.

The "moody" one; preset "gentle", texture "kk_wednesday" in soft light at 68%

To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed creating this still life. I easily spent a couple of hours with setting up, changing and photographing it. I tried different moods by using not only white but also blue and black backgrounds. I also changed my angle, got close ups and some shots of the entire setting with the intention to crop it later. It was fun, and I felt very contend and excited after I was finished.

When I processed the photos in Lightroom, I used some of Kim's presets and transferred some of the photos to Photoshop to layer them with a texture and add some texts, both of which are not possible in LR. Seriously, I felt like a kid in a candy store with all these new possibilities.

The black one; texture "kk_monday" in soft light at 100%

There is a ton I still have to learn, but it is a lot of fun at the same time. I already see some progress in my work.

Here's a shot from above:

preset "touchofvintage"

I am linking up to Kim's Friday Finds - this has quickly become one of my favorites.


Melinda said...

These are all lovely!!! This is making me wish I had taken S2F again- love the paper bag idea, which you used so beautifully in your compositions. Wonderfully done!

Donna said...

You have so beutiful photos with soft colors.

Odd Moon Designs said...

Such a lovely set of images - I love all of the texture in your shots with the paper bag, textile, and poppy seed pods. Amazing!

Unknown said...

Carola, this is beyond gorgeous! I'd have guessed that you'd been shooting still life images forever! I love poppy seed heads - one of my fav's, and your edits and texture - pefection! Welcome to the still life addiction society :)

gina said...

Beautifully done, Carola. Those poppy seed pods are gorgeous! I love the tones and shapes.

Amy Burzese said...

Well, you met that challenge head on. These are wonderful images. I just love those seed pods. They go perfectly with the brown paper bag. Marvelous.

Magic Love Crow said...

These photos are beautiful! I truly love them!

joanna uk said...

Very impressive!

Love the way the poppy pods lean over the edge to see what is going on down below :-)
Almost human.

Makes me feel guilty about the pods I had ready weeks ago to photograph, and never got round to.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos, very atmospheric. Valerie

Rosie Grey said...

How gorgeous, Carola! I love how you set up your photos and edited them - fantastic!

Felicia said...

they are gorgeous. I love the textures and think I'm going to have to jump into the PS pool

Donna Hopkins said...

The poppy seed pods look right at home in the brown paper bag. I love how the pods drift subtly into the frame. The texture adds a lovely organic feel to every image. Gorgeous light!

Sally H said...

wow, wow, wow, Carola! Stunning works of art, all of them!

EricaSta said...

Hallo liebe Carola, Danke für Deinen netten Kommentar! Und schon war mein Interesse geweckt, einmal bei Dir vorbei zu sehen. Es gefällt mir was Du schreibst und die Photographien, die ich hier entdecken kann. Paris!!!! Eine Leidenschaft von mir. Und ich möchte nächstes Jahr gerne mit einer Freundin dort hin .... Die Kunstszene ruft.

Ich lese, dass Du Dich auch künstlerisch betätigst und freue mich. Meine Bilder bearbeite mit einer älteren Photoshop- Version, die ich mir aus beruflichen Gründen einmal gekauft hatte. Es macht viel Freude.

Ich mag auch Deinen Spruch im Bild.

Herzliche Grüßle aus Augsburg von Heidrun

Michelle B said...

These turned out wonderfully!! The poppies look great in the paper bag. Your texture work brings it all together. Beautiful!