Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Break #20 - A Little Boat

I saw this boat in La Plush, WA, close to First Beach.
To those of you who read "Twilight", this location might sound familiar.
However, I was totally clueless, never having read "Twilight".
We went through Forks - clueless, as I said - and I was wondering why every store in that little town had the term "twilight" in their name. Until it 'dawned' on me...
I did read the book by now, out of mere curiosity. Well, I actually can't say, I read it, because I stopped on page 178. I simply couldn't stand it anymore - so poorly written, not a single character I liked, I was bored beyond reason... please, don't tell me that it starts getting really really good on page 179...

Anyway, without any "Twilight" thoughts on my mind I just enjoyed La Plush. We saw bald eagles and lots of brown pelicans. In the parking lot, the seagulls and crows were fighting over a dead salmon. Flying fish were jumping out of the water and diving in again with a low "blub". A Quileute fisherman came out in his boat and dropped the nets in the water. We sat on some driftwood and took everything in.
This boat reminds me of that day - restful and peaceful.

I wish all of you an entire weekend like that.


Frida said...

Can I sit down beside you and take that view in. I would love it.

seabluelee said...

A lovely, peaceful image. I love how the soft coral color inside the boat contracts with the shades of green. Have a wonderful weekend!