Sunday, November 19, 2023

Another Day, Another Lake, Another Walk


Most of my walks these days are short walks which among other things is due to my left knee that still hasn't improved very much. My orthopedist suspects that I have a torn meniscus and on Tuesday I'll start PT for that as well as for my sciatica, so there is some hope on the horizon. However, I have to keep my walks short since after about 30 minutes of walking my knee starts to become quite painful. I usually ice it  and it will be better for the rest of the day, but long walks like I used to do is stuff for dreams at the moment. 

Close to "my" lake there is another much smaller lake and this time I decided to walk here because I figured that it would take about 30 minutes for a roundtrip.

There were ducks and a swan on the lake, and on the shore ground squirrel chased around in abundance. Look at that sweet face - this will be for Nicole's Friday Face Off.

There are not many people on this side of the lake. The trail passes through the woods and looks rather romantic.

It's also very rough and uneven which might be a reason there are so few people here. I prefer this to the paved and gravel paths, but you have to pay attention.

There are crooked trees and beautiful views of the small lake through the foliage .

And the birds were happily singing along! Just listen to this one - it almost sounds as if the Red-winged Blackbirds and the Great-tailed Grackle were in a competition of who can be louder.

These photos of my walk show some of the beautiful landscape - perfect for this week's prompt at Rain's Thursday Art and Dinner Date which is "landscape". But I also have a dinner to share. A few weeks ago I found this recipe for Rosé Shrimp at NYT Cooking and knew that I had to make it. Last Friday finally was the day to make it since just a few days before I had received the piment d'Espelette which gives this dish its flavor. This was the first time that I tried this recipe and therefore followed it to a T, but when I'll do it again I will change it a little bit. 

If you cannot access NYT Cooking, here is the recipe.

Guess what we were drinking with the Rosé Shrimp? Of course a nice Rosé, a Sonoma-Cutrer Rosé of Pinot Noir.

Of course you know that this is for Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Tuesday. Cheers!

To everybody in the US, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.


Elephant's Child said...

I am sorry about your health woes - but so glad that you have beautiful (and necessarily short) walks close to hand.
I do like pinot noir but don't think I have ever had a pinot noir rose.

Tom said...

...I have had sciatica and arthritis in my knees, fortunately the physical therapist gave me exercises that help relieve the pain. The trails look tough if you are in good shape. Thanks for taking me along to see the sights. Take care and be well.

roentare said...

Tranquil lake and beautiful nature. The shrimps look so good

Soma @ said...

I am sorry to hear about your knee. I wish you a speedy recovery so you can go on those beautiful long walks again. Beautiful photos, I can easily see why it's your favourite place. I would skip the brown sugar too!! I don't keep rose wine, wonder if vermouth would work. It's does look delicious!


Valerie-Jael said...

You found a wonderful trail to walk, it looks fantastic, I would love to walk there, too, such lovely views. Your food looks delicious, as always. Happy T Day! Have a great week, hugs!

Kate Yetter said...

The shrimp looks delicious! I am a fan of anything with shrimp.
Your lake is gorgeous, and you have a lovely place to walk. So sorry to hear about your torn meniscus and sciatic pain. Getting old sucks doesn't it? I hope PT helps with your pain.
Happy Tea Day,

Mae Travels said...

Your paths look very inviting and pleasantly unpopulated. Pretty photos.
best, mae at

My name is Erika. said...

That looks like a beautiful walk. Sorry to read about your knee also. And sciatica can be a pain (in many ways), can't it? I've started doing stretches in the shower which seems to be helping mine, at least so I can move a little better. Good luck with PT. I enjoy your walk photos too. Have a great week, a super T day and nice Thanksgiving also. hugs-Erika

Amila said...

What a serene scene with ducks and a swan gracefully adorning the lake! Your photos capture the beauty of nature so wonderfully. Each shot is a moment of tranquility and elegance. Delicious food too.
Happy T Tuesday!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am sorry to read about your painful knee, but hope PT will be the answer.

That is a lovely place to walk. I'm sure I would love to walk there with you, since it seems so tranquil.

Thanks for sharing the recipe for the shrimp. I love shrimp in any form. Since I'm not a wine drinker, I hadn't heard of this wine. It is beautiful in the glass, though.

Thanks for sharing your walk at the lake and your meal and wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear Carola.

Iris Flavia said...

Ich halte die Daumen, dass dein Kniw wieder fit wird. Freitag schaut sich jemand meine Füße an. Die sind "taub", das ist ganz schön beängstigend und ich warte seit 3 Monaten auf den Arzttermin.
Deutschland hat so abgebaut, was Fürsorge angeht...

Peanut sagt Hallo zu Cousin Squirrel.

Einen unge...paveden Himmel, mir fällt das Wort nicht ain!) Weg ziehe ich auch immer vor. Ungeteert! Ha!

Happy Thanksgiving! Irgendwann möchte ich mal gefüllten Truthahn probieren...

Violetta said...

Da hast Du ja wieder eine schöne Runde um den See gemacht. Schaut so verlassen aus. Irgendwie erinnert mich die Gegend auch an unsere hier (Tirol). Ich mag auch Shrimps....das Rezept klingt ja ganz gut....aber bitte ohne Zucker.
Alles Liebe

Jeanie said...

I feel for you and your leg/knee. Anything that makes walking a challenge is a tough one to deal with and I hope the PT will be effective and kick in soon.

That shrimp looks fabulous but how would you change it?

Empire of the Cat said...

Hi Carola, Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope the PT helps. I have some joint issues that are preventing me from walking much too, and I really miss it. Love the trail through the trees. Happy T Day! Elle xx

Dianne said...

What a gorgeous landscape to walk in! But I can see the need to be careful. I am impressed you are hiking this way with knee troubles! and what yummy-looking shrimp! hmmm...may need to try that recipe. ;)

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm sorry about your knee, but I'm glad short walks are till doable.

What a lovely setting for a walk!

Happy T Tuesday

jinxxxygirl said...

I have trouble with my knees too... icing afterwards helps me immensely...that is a romantic looking path... i love the look of it! And hubby and i would love those shrimp! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

DVArtist said...

I am so very sorry about your knee. I pray that PT gets the job done. Your walks are so beautiful and I love seeing the video. OHhh that shrimp looks amazing. I haven't had any shrimp in years. Thank you for sharing your walk with us and take care of yourself. Sending healing energy.

Rostrose said...

Oje, liebe Carola,
einen Meniskuseinriss hatte ich auch mal, daran habe ich eine Weile laboriert, aber Physiotherapie und kühle Umschläge haben mir gut geholfen - möge auch dir die Therapie gut helfen! Dein Spaziergang sah trotz allem recht anspruchsvoll aus. Ich liebe solche idyllischen und menschenleeren Wege - und der Anblick von diversen Wasservögeln und einem entzückenden Erdhörnchen sowie die Geräuschkulisse in Form von Vogelgesang sind zusätzliche Geschenke.
Das Garnelenrezept sieht gut aus - nachdem du "generous" zu Salz und NO! zu Zucker geschrieben hast, nehme ich an, das sind die Änderungen, die dir vorschweben? Allerdings besitze ich keine Piment d’Espelette - ich habe gelesen, dass das eine spezielle, fruchtig-rauchige Chili-Sorte ist. Denkst du, es lässt sich auch anders herstellen (ich habe z.B. eine "rauchige" Gewürzmischung und ich habe verschiedene Chili-Sorten im Gewürzregal...)?
Du hast mich gefragt, ob man bei der Fotoausstellung La Gacilly-Baden noch alles aufnehmen kann - also, wir schaffen das nur in Raten, und ich denke, so geht es den meisten Besuchern. Zum Glück dauert die Ausstellung stets ein paar Monate. Es gibt mehrere Parks und einige Straßenzüge in Baden, die Fotografien zeigen - natürlich sind nicht alle Themen so anspruchsvoll, manchmal sind es vor allem ästhetische Fotos, aber ich picke mir gern die wichtigen Themen heraus. In diesem Jahr haben wir (vor allem aus gesundheitlichen Gründen) gerade mal zwei Bereiche geschafft und somit leider vieles nicht gesehen... (Aber jetzt dürfte es WIRKLICH bergauf gehen mit uns!)
Happy T-Day!
Alles Liebe und eine schöne Woche, Traude

Lisca said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about your meniscus problems. I hope the PT will strengthen/make it better. In the meantime shorter walks can be just as beautiful. I really like the trail through the trees.
Your shrimp dish looks delicious. I had to look up piment d'espelette. I should be able to source that as it comes from just across the border in French Basque country.
Happy T-Day,

pearshapedcrafting said...

I hope you can get treatment for your knee ad get back to easier walking! The trail looked really interesting. The shrimp dish looks good, and Rosé used to be a favourite of mine! Happy T Day, Chrisx

Veronica Lee said...

Sorry to hear about your knee, Carola.
But I'm glad you can still go for short walks.
Your shrimp dish looks amazing 😋🦐

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Christine said...

Lovely photos and food!

Lowcarb team member said...

I was sorry to read about your painful knee, I do hope PT will help.
Lovely photographs you've shared and the food looks delicious.

All the best Jan

Valerie-Jael said...

Halt Friday, Carola, hope your knee is better. Hugs, Valerie

Gene Black said...

The trail looks like one that I would love to explore. I prefer unpaved wooded trails also.

The shrimp looks delicious!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That ground squirrel does have an awfully sweet little face!

DVArtist said...

The faces of nature, humans and shirmp. LOL I don't care how many times I see that dish it makes my mouth water. Thank you for joining FFO and have a lovely weekend.

DUTA said...

Perhaps an elastic compression sock might help with the knee pain, and enable painless walking.
Sciatica pain can be alleviated with a home acupuncture device targeting the involved nerve.

Teresa said...

Me encanta tu reportaje. Espero que estés mejor de tu rodilla, yo tengo los meniscos rotos de mis dos rodillas y es muy doloroso, llevo más de un año en tratamiento de rehabilitación y no mejoré mucho. Besos.

John's Island said...

Hi Carola,
So sorry to hear about the knee and how it is impacting your walks. Thanks for taking us along on the trail … yes, it does look like attention is necessary … but it also looks like a lot of great time in nature! The Rosé Shrimp … oh my … that does look delicious! Thumbs up on the beverage accompaniment!

John's Island said...

Hi Carola,

So sorry to hear about the knee and how it is impacting your walks. Thanks for taking us along on the trail … yes, it does look like attention is necessary … but it also looks like a lot of great time in nature! The Rosé Shrimp … oh my … that does look delicious! Thumbs up on the beverage accompaniment!


Barwitzki said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos of your walks... you know... I love great landscapes.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have success with physiotherapy...
Great photo of your food :-)) Thank you very much.
I had guinea fowl today, had it for the first time and I'm thrilled.
...Imagine we already have the first snow...out in the forest the dream.
Hug for you.

Rain said...

Cheers to Rose and shrimp!! ☺ I loved the video, so many birds, that was just lovely. What a gorgeous trail, I've never seen a squirrel like that!

Lorrie said...

We do enjoy shrimp dishes, and this one sounds delicious. So sorry about your sciatica and knee pain. No fun at all. Still, good for you for getting out for 30 minutes.


Peaceful lake and breathtaking scenery await you. The shrimps have a really appetising appearance.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I am catching up on blog posts, Carola, and enjoyed your walks at the lake, but sorry to read about the continuing leg pain. My brother has also been dealing with a similar knee issue and finds it difficult to walk some days. He hasn't gone for therapy but has tried stem cell injections recently.

The shrimp dish looks so good; I have all the ingredients except the piment d'Espelette so may have to check online if i plan to make the dish. Your wine choice looked very good as well.