Sunday, January 26, 2020

Favorite Photos of 2019 and a Giveaway

This is one of my favorite posts to write - showing you my favorite photos from the past year and then you can choose your favorite 3 images - and there even will be one lucky winner. I've done this the past couple years and I always enjoyed your responses so very much.

So here's how it works: you will see my top 15 favorite photos of last year. Many of them you already saw in an blogpost, but some may be new to you. I would love you to tell me in the comments which 3 images out of these photos are your favorites. Sometimes you might like a photo so much that you want to give it all of your three votes - you can do that, too. Or one photo gets two votes and another the remaining one. You can divide your three votes however you like. All the photos have numbers, so just put in the numbers in the comments. By next week's Sunday I will see which three photos have made the top, and one of you - chosen randomly - will get those three photos as greeting cards. This giveaway is open worldwide, so don't hesitate if you live on the other side of the world.

Without further ado, here we go:

1. Buckeyes

2. Autumn Glory

3. Raindrops

4. The light in the vineyard

5. Winter vineyard

6.  The California Coast

7.  The Grand Canyon

8. Point Arena

9. In the Mission courtyard

10. Lavender Fields Forever

11. The Lavender Barn

12. Misty morning at the coast

13. Poppies

14. Sonoma doors

15. Late autumn at the coast


alexa said...

Oh my goodness, what a wealth of gorgeous photos to choose from ... I think my favourites are 3, 5, 14. So incredibly clever and observant to catch the leaf in each raindrop in 3. I loved the unusualness of 4 as well. You have such a great eye for detail!

Cheri said...

2,3,15. But 4 and 13 were also serious contenders! Honestly, I love them all! How do you choose between so many fabulous photos????

David M. Gascoigne, said...

This is so difficult! I have just spent several minutes looking at these pictures and I keep changing my mind. They are all superb. In any event here are my final three choices: No. 1, No. 3, No. 6. If the top pictures rank 100 then all the others are 99 plus. And while I am here if you could check my blog, Carola, I would appreciate it. For some reason my latest post does not show up in the feed of people who follow my blog, but a review of a wonderful book by Princeton University Press is there. Thanks!

Elephant's Child said...

You don't make it easy.
I have scrolled down. I have scrolled up.
Several times.
Any or all of them would make SPECTACULAR cards.
If I HAVE to narrow it down, 3, 4, 13.

joliefemme said...

I choose #2, 7, and 13 as my favorites. Though all are beautiful!

Barb said...

How oh how can I pick only 3? But I will: Number 3 - the raindrops are small reflective worlds. Number 8 - the wildflowers and distant lighthouse. Number 12 - the road leading toward the mist. My runner up is the poppies, one of my favorite flowers in my favorite color.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

These are all so beautiful that there is no way I could pick my favorite.

amandine said...

Lovely Photos!! My favorites are 6,9,14

CamSel said...

Absolutely gorgeous! My favorites would have to be 4, 8, and 14, but it was so hard to choose

Iris Flavia said...

Point Arena!
Und die California Coast!
Die Poppies!!! Die könnten auch 3 Punkte kriegen ;-)
Ach, das ist aber nicht leicht!

Jeanie said...

You don't make it easy, do you?! OK -- my three favorites, at least right now, are (in no order apart from faulty title memory)...Grand Canyon / Sonoma Doors /
Raindrops (really, it reflected exactly that way? Amazing!)

Red Rose Alley said...

I can see why these are some of your favorite, Carola. The ones that spoke to me were.....the Buckeyes (they're so interesting), The light in the Vineyard, The Lavender Fields Forever. But my favorite is Autumn Glory. Autumn is my favorite season, and your photo made my heart sing. Fantastic photos all around!


Michelle said...

3,4, & 7 are my favorites, though I spent a bit of time taking in each one. All are exceptional.

Magdalena said...

Liebe Carola, ein Bild ist schöner als das andere. Von Buckeyes habe ich noch nie gehört, sehen jedenfalls toll aus. Ich würde mich für 1,4 und 6 entscheiden. Aber die Wahl fällt wirklich schwer. Es ist immer schön, Bilder von weit entfernten Orten zu sehen.

Karen Lakis said...

Not an easy choice - is like to choose at least 5 of them, but - before I forget 8, 9, & 12. But then I really can’t go wrong. I love the coastal shots, the path leading into the fog and that lavender growing along the barn!

Lowcarb team member said...

I am a little late to this post … but wanted to say I think all of your photographs are fabulous.

Happy February Wishes.

All the best Jan