Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hanging Out with Online Friends

When I introduced our giveaway to you, I mentioned that I teamed up with three other Etsy sellers for the month of October. Now, with only one week left of the month, I can say that this was a wonderful idea. While I kind of knew one of the other artists, I knew next to nothing about the other two except that they are making beautiful art. I wasn't even aware that they are not living in the US!

We connected with each other through a team thread where we exchanged ideas and encouraged each other. Then someone came up with the idea of using Google hangouts to chat with each other. One of us set up the video chat and on Thursday morning we "met" face to face, talking and laughing for a long time. Seeing these lovely ladies and connecting with them made my day! Let me tell you a little bit about them.

First, there is Sally. She lives in Toronto, Canada, and is a mom to three kids (all of us have teenage or adult children). She has at least two cats who both showed up briefly during our video chat. Sally hand crafts semi precious stone boho jewelry and every piece she creates is one of a kind. What sets her apart from many jewelry makers is that her pieces are bold and she makes jewelry for both women and men. It really appeals to me that she doesn't offer her beautiful wearable art exclusively to women but includes men as well. It is quite fitting that her shop is called AudacityWear.

Her earrings are my favorite items. Most of them are chandelier earrings which is a style I like to wear. They're bold but elegant and certainly make a statement. This one is made of Turquoise, Tiger Eye and silver, a stunning combination.

Turquoise is also a great stone and color for men's jewelry, like these bracelets:

Ildi is a potter from Maastricht in the Netherlands. What I especially noticed about her during our chat is that she has a great laugh!!! How can you not like someone with a wonderful laugh? Ildi's shop is called Ceraminic, and as you might guess from the name she hand crafts personalized ceramic home decoration and accessories. Can I say cuteness overload? You can find small plates, unique ornaments, ring dishes, stud earrings (also for men!), coasters... I think you should take a look yourself!

Are you in need of super cute ornaments for the holiday season?

Or what about coasters with beautiful autumn leaves?

Ildi also writes a beautiful blog where she discusses her art, and every post she starts with "dear reader" which I find very charming.

I first "met" Ellen through my favorite cougar. I know that sounds completely weird! Ellen lives in Tucson, Arizona and she sometimes visits the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum there where "my" cougar resides as well. When I posted a picture of her (the mountain lion), either on my blog or as a photo card in my shop (I really can't remember), she contacted me telling me that she recognizes this special cougar. Thus we entered our long lasting conversation. She actually got one of my paintings and I received one of her wonderful knitting needle cases. And these are the ones I want to show you, because they are so beautiful and useful at the same time! Are you a knitter? Then I bet you could use one like this one:

If I already hadn't a knitting needle case (with cute little foxes), I would buy this one.

You're not a knitter? Darn! What about a purse made from plastic shopping bags? Recycling at its finest!

You can find Ellen's blog and shop The Chilly Dog here and her Etsy shop where she sells knitting and crochet patterns here.

Next month I will probably team up with other Etsy sellers - we love to mix things up a bit. This was such a great experience that I am excited about the new team, but I know I will miss my three ladies here. However, I'm pretty sure that we will keep in touch.


Barb said...

I'm enjoying your artist introductions and their work. I love those leaf coasters.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh my.
Beauty and originality and quirkiness and recycling. With smiles, cats and laughter. What's not to love.
And I lust after those earrings too.

joliefemme said...

A great group of etsy friends! Nice article!

Magic Love Crow said...

I think this is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing all of their creations! Very talented, wonderful people!!!

windrock studio said...

All such wonderful art pieces, I'm like you so really love those earrings! Thanks for sharing your friends, it's nice to know about them.

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful products, love them all. Great idea to team up with others. Thanks for visiting my blog again, always nice to see you there. Hugs, Valerie

Ceraminic said...

Thanks Carola!!! Fantastic post!

Jeanie said...

Your online friends are very talented and I really like how you have been able to communicate in "real"life!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to "meet" face-to-face and actually talk voice-to-voice? It adds a whole new dimension to an online friendship. Your Etsy teammates are a talented group!