Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Good Day

My dear friends, I've run out of apologies except for the "this is life" one that seems to happen always around this time of the year. Why is it that the season that should be calm and peaceful always tends to be anything but? It's hectic with busy and full days... you can't even do regular grocery shopping anymore without running into crowds and waiting in line at the checkout. When I think of Advent and the pre-Christmas season I always imagine beauty, candlelight, peacefulness, hot chocolate and cookies.

Nothing of that - except for the hot chocolate - did happen this year.

Instead we were all in an insane run for - what? Kaefer has been spending hours at the computer, filling out applications for the universities she thinks may be a good fit for her. Finals will be this week, so she's studying for long hours. Last day of school will be on Thursday and then on Friday night she will have a potluck and a night hike with the TeenNat program at the nature preserve she spent her summer internship at - that's a nice event and she looks forward to that. It's a good start for the winter break as well.

I had my last class a week ago, but still spend many hours preparing for the artisan holiday fair. One of the last things I made were these ornaments.

It was a lot of fun creating these - I just love to "invent" these little winter scenes and fill them with moose, howling wolves, trees, a full moon, cats and snowmen. Some even got the Big Dipper.

I did a practice set up of my table, took pictures of it - and promptly forgot to print the photos and take them with me! So I had to set up from memory which actually wasn't too difficult.

The fair turned out to be a really good day. Since I sold at this fair last year I knew that it was a good one, but it by far exceeded my expectations. I actually ran out of some of my items - note to myself, knit more hats in more colors. I even sold the hat I was wearing! The things I expected to sell like the hedgehog mittens didn't move at all!

I guess this part of Northern California is not a good location for hedgehog mittens! This is luck for my two little nieces in Germany who will each get a pair for Christmas! They do need mittens in Germany!

In the end I was very happy with my sales and the entire day. The vendors next to us were lovely and we had quite some fun together. The entertainment program was excellent and we even did some dancing! What more can you ask for?

Kaefer was my assistant again - perhaps for the last time since next year she probably will be off to college. It will be very different and only half the fun without her.


Elephant's Child said...

Those ornaments are among the nicest I have ever seen. Just beautiful.
We are well and truly in the sweaty season over here - but I do love your hedgehog mittens.
I hope the rush has now gone and you can settle into the magic of the season.

Darla said...

It does get a bit hectic this time of year doesn't it? Every year I say next time I will get ahead of the crowds but there are still last minute things (like food) that have to be dealt with. Your booth looks very attractive. I like the mittens a lot myself. I want to learn to knit with a design (sort of Nordic) next year and I was thinking maybe mittens would be a good place to start. I'll have to find someone in "mitten country" to give them to I guess.
Wishing you and yours the happiest of Holdidays!
PS: that was some pretty spectacular rain yesterday wasn't it?

Cheri said...

Your table looks great - and so happy to hear your sales were good! That would be a happy day for me too.

Christine E-E said...

I've been thinking about you & just realized your daughter would be completing her college applications. The process is time-consuming, but necessary, for you are like me... giving your daughter opportunities to blossom and grow. She's be leaving the nest... but, as my eldest daughter reminded me, that was MY time to be reborn. Enjoy each an every moment!
Where is she applying? any place in California? I know she enjoys the outdoors & nature, so is that part of her career focus? Many high schoolers don't know what they want to do... one of my daughter (oldest) changed her major several times, but my youngest knew she wanted to be a preschool/elementary teacher. And, she has been for the past 10 years.
Have a restful holiday, Carola.

Pamela Gordon said...

Carola, your crafts are beautiful. I love the sweet ornaments you made and I'm sure your nieces in Germany will adore the hedgehog mittens. Hopefully life will settle down a bit so you can prepare for Christmas. Have a blessed week ahead.

Magic Love Crow said...

Life, what can you do! No apologies needed! Your ornaments are beautiful! Wow! So happy everything went well at the craft sale! I think the hedgehog mittens are so cute! Funny they didn't sell. Have a great week. Really enjoyed the pictures!

Gunn said...

Lots of artistic work! I could have spent time and money here:)