Sunday, August 9, 2015

Les Marchés

While writing about the Granville Public Market a couple days ago I remembered the lovely little markets in Paris. There isn't market day every day, but all the little shops - les magasins - display their food in the most beautiful way outside on the street.

Of course, there are lots of fruits!

Charentais melons are my favorite!

Flat peaches - they look odd, but they are delicious!

Des apricots...

et des cerises.

Lots of berries

But this is Paris, after all, and there is so much more to a market beside fruit and vegetable. Cheese, of course - le fromage.

I love love love the selection of cheese!

Yum yum yum!

I could live on cheese alone - and bread.

Then there's the charcuterie:

And, of course, the bread:

The Parisians are not strangers to the sweet stuff either.

And this being Paris, the city of love, the lollipops have to be heart shaped.

After all this eye candy in the markets we need a break and some sorbet, s'il vous plaît!


Elephant's Child said...

So much that I would find very, very hard to resist. The fruit, the bread, the cheeses. And a good sorbet is a thing of beauty.
Yours, wiping my keyboard down...

Laurie said...

Oh wow, my mouth is watering.

Nancy Chan said...

I love your market. There are so many varieties of fruits, some I have not seen before. Most of the fruits look so fresh, juicy and yummy. I am not familiar with charcuterie.

Linda Kay said...

Wonderful photos, Carola...I'm going to have to head out to the local farmers market to get some fresh stuff.

Donna Hopkins said...

Oh my, what a feast for the eyes! You and and I are on the same page these days . . . I'm working on a series of photographs from our local Farmer's Market today -and the colors are glorious - just as here on your blog! Thank you for the chance to visit Paris (this may be as close as I ever get) -and for sharing your art. The flat peaches, we call donut peaches here, are my very favorite!

GreenComotion said...

Lovely treats, many of which I would gladly eat.
The pictures of the cheese, fruits were outstanding.
Bon appetit, Carola!
Paix :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely! I'm craving fresh fruit and it is so hard to find any here in Maine that is good. The summer fruits in the grocery store are picked green and hard as rocks and shipped from California or Florida and they never ripen, of course. Then there are apples from Chile and oranges from South Africa -- I know everything is manufactured in China these days, but seriously, don't we even grow the simplest foods in the USA anymore? (Sorry for the rant, but truly I was a bit shocked.) I'm hungry now, after looking at your photos! I think I need to go have breakfast.

windrock studio said...

Me, too ... cheese and bread! All of your photos are totally gorgeous!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hallo Carola,
danke für deinen netten Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass du mal eine Reise nach Marokko machen kannst. Es war wirklich zauberhaft dort, aber wird sich schon verändert haben.
Bei meinem Gegenbesuch habe ich mich über deine tollen Bilder gefreut. Das ist eine Farbenpracht, da genieße ich mit allen Sinnen.
Schönen Abend noch,

Petra Pavlátková said...

It was quite challenging to go through all those mouth-watering shots, Carola! Beautiful captures. Two weeks ago we made a trip to Bamberg and there was also a nice market but I felt too shy to aim my camera at the fruits, vegetables and flowers. Next time I must take a leaf out of your book! :)

KB said...

Paris is definitely on my bucket list.

John's Island said...

What a wonderful post! Wow, makes me want to go to Paris. Your pictures are excellent. The produce looks so fresh!

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything looks so yummy! Great pics!