Sunday, August 30, 2015

Animals Stitch By Stitch

Meet this little dachshund who, unfortunately, is still nameless. He enjoys to be outside and never misses an opportunity to smell the flowers. He's pretty sassy as well, but in a very sweet way. However, he doesn't like that he still doesn't have a name, and he wonders and hopes that you might find a good name for him? He would be happy if you let him know in the comments.

I found the pattern for this adorable little dachshund in our local yarn store, but you can also find it here. Rebecca Danger has several other patterns for foxes, birds, bunnies etc. as well. Some of the patterns on her blog are free - I just downloaded the one for the birds and will start that one very soon. The patterns are easy to follow.

As soon as the dachshund has a name he will be up for adoption at my shop. And of course I will let you know which name he picks!

I also finished another knitting project, and I absolutely love this one. I'm already at the third one! I've knitted a women's and a child's size of this little guy.

It is super easy to knit! My biggest challenge was to sew on the eyes and ears - I hate sewing! Currently I'm knitting a grey one that I will donate to a holiday bazaar.

Any projects you recently finished? I would love to hear what you did - let me know in the comments.


Elephant's Child said...

Is there any end to your talents?

Love your foxy scarf, and of course the dachshund. Who tells me his name is Dax. It is both cute - and a bit mischievious.

Anonymous said...

Der ist wirklich niedlich geworden mit seinen Schlappohren. Waldi finde ich für Dackel lustig.
Liebe Grüße, Patricia

carol l mckenna said...

Great needlework and so adorable !

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Rose said...

I love the for the dachshund, I am trying to think and cannot. If I come up with one, I will return and tell you.

Celestina Marie said...

Oh how cute!! You designed two darling pieces. What a talent you are.
Have fun!! cm

Barb said...

My naughty rabbit, Lucinda, would love to boss your sweet Dachhshund. I think you should call him Sassy - that orange color suits him. The scarves are adorable too.