Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Gratitude

I've been away from my blog this past week. To be honest, I suddenly found myself in panic mode - preparing for the holiday fair that I participated in yesterday and at the same time preparing food for the Thanksgiving dinner we were invited to.

There are many things for being grateful for during this busy week:

- The leaves are still colorful here and brighten even the greyest day. The colors really pop on a rainy day.
- We had three storms coming through the last few days that dumped a lot of rain in our corner. Everything smells fresh and clean. It is wonderful. I love to listen to the rain pattering onto the roof of our home. Such a peaceful sound.

- Despite the rain, I still see bees in my garden. There is always something blooming and the bees are busy even this late in the year.
- There are more and more birds coming to my feeders, and they share with the squirrels. Some mornings I counted five squirrels in my garden at the same time - I enjoy watching them despite the damage they can create.

- Color in my garden seems to be around in abundance - blue berries on the privet tree, red ones on the Heavenly Bamboo. Leaves that turn and some flowers that are still blooming no matter what.
- Before the rain started I transplanted some flowers from the front to the back garden. The deer are just a little bit too fond of my hollyhocks and always eat them to the ground when they have just developed some nice and juicy leaves (the deer probably think that I offer them a wonderful salad buffet). So I decided to transplant them into the safer backyard and hope they will take off here.
- We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and their family. It was loud and cheerful, we laughed a lot and had a very good time. We felt welcome and embraced by this unconventional family. It was delightful.

- Bread is THE symbol of gratitude for me. I baked several loaves this week, two of them for the Thanksgiving dinner. Making bread, breaking bread.
- A quiet Black Friday. We didn't join the shopping crowd (except for my daughter who met with her friend in the afternoon to shop around a bit) and stayed home instead. I packed up for the fair, knitted and read.

- My daughter is the best company and wonderful helper on craft fairs. She went with me up to Ukiah to the Holiday Boutique hosted by the Girl Scouts. On the drive up there she mainly read (we left very early) and I enjoyed the beautiful morning - it was raining on and off and the fog was hanging low which I liked. Highway 101 passes some beautiful areas up here. Kaefer helped me setting up our booth, had some great display ideas, tried to do her math homework, talked to customers. There was a lady who sold cinnamon roasted almonds - they were still warm when we got ours. Kaefer and I happily munched along - we LOVE cinnamon roasted almonds!

- Today I just relaxed. I started making a few more journals this morning, but after that I just laid back, reading, browsing the Internet, watching the birds. I'm so happy to find little treasures in my garden, like these acorns (or what is left of them).

I am so thankful for all the goodness in my life. This list has become quite long. Ain't I a lucky woman?

How was your week?


Magdalena said...

Hallo Carola, ich melde mich hier mal wieder nach langer Zeit. Deine Bilder habe ich regelmäßig gesehen, und ich finde, sie werden immer noch großartiger. Ich hatte lange keinen Nerv irgendetwas zu posten und habe dann doch noch mein Blog verändert. Nach einigen Erfahrungen musste ich mich nochmal neu justieren. Jetzt finde ich Deine Bilder so toll, dass ich einfach mal Grüße dazu schicken wollte.

Darla said...

You certainly have been busy. Your booth looks nice, hope you made a decent amt. of sales. I have to get up to Ukiah in the spring. Friends tell me of a great spa in that area.


Elephant's Child said...

LOVING the beauty you have shared. And very grateful for it too.
I too am very, very lucky. Thank you.

Bethany Carson said...

The roasted almonds look delicious! How neat that you do craft fairs with your daughter! It's neat to see the interesting crafts that are offered, and the people who create them. I'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are finally getting some rest.

The past couple days have been pretty hectic for me as well--so many things to get finished!

Blessings to you!

21 Wits said...

Nice photos of nature, and what a lovely spread for the craft sale. Very nice.

Magic Love Crow said...

Love this post!!! Your daughter is so pretty ;o) Hope you did well at the craft fair ;o) Your items look great ;o)