Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Neighborhood Photowalk in Soft Light

"vintagetexture" in soft light at 75%

A few days ago I did my first photowalk in my new neighborhood.
As I mentioned before, it is an older neighborhood with houses built in the 40's and 50's - and many of them have beautiful fences in the front. A photographer's paradise.

When I came home and looked at my photos I wanted to play with Kim's textures, but use only blending mode soft light. For some weird reason, that's a blending mode I have used very rarely. Only recently have I discovered the beauty of it and now wanted to experiment with it a little bit more. All of these photos have some kind of texture (all Kim's) blended in soft light.

It fits this neighborhood!

"vintagetexture" in soft light at 100%

This house looked very inviting and cheerful

"warmsun" in soft light at 64%

I liked how they decorated their fence.

"dustyrose" in soft light at 100%

"evolve2" in soft light at 73%

Did I ever mention that I like Shasta daisies? They are so cheerful and happy.

"golden" in soft light at 89%

This is my favorite house on the block. However, I would probably paint it in a different color - I'm thinking a warm sienna or even adobe red.

"warmsun" in soft light at 100%

This house reminds me of Italy. Think Romeo and Juliet...

"vintagetexture" in soft light at 100%

And this house I can picture in Massachusetts. Gorgeous tree.

"pumpkin grunge" in soft light at 100%

I found all kinds of inspiration for creating a front yard. Using broking pots, for example.

"pumpkin grunge" in soft light at 54%

Or growing veggies and flowers in the same place.

"vintagetexture" in soft light at 100%

Of course I had to stop and chat with this little cutie. She had huge ears and looked like a crossing between a cat and a coyote.

"vintagetexture" in soft light at 100%

There can never be enough sunflowers.

"warmsun" in soft light at 83%

This was my favorite garden - just beautiful, brimming with colorful flowers, ornaments and bees.

"elevate" in soft light at 100%

The little angel even blew a kiss to people passing by.

"elevate" in soft light at 69%

It was a wonderful photowalk during which I also met nice people and enjoyed friendly chats. I am so happy that we live in this neighborhood.

I am linking this to Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday - it's the outdoor edition this week.

"chamomile" in soft light at 100%



Lynn Cohen said...

Such beauty in your neighborhood! What a joy to walk it with you! Thanks for sharing, each photo tells a story and is so pretty to look at.

Evelyn S. said...

I would love to go on a photowalk on this street, too! What a beautiful place. The white picket fences are so lovely. Your photos are special.

Pat said...

I love those white picket fences decked out in flowers and garlands.

patty said...

What a lovely neighborhood, Carola. I can tell that you feel very at home there already!! I LOVE "eclectic" neighborhoods. I live in one also and would never consider the "cookie cutter" type.

Danielle said...

What a great neighborhood!!! Love the picket fences and the well established gardens. You chose great textures for each photo subject.

Teresa O said...

Such a charming neighborhood and the perfect place for a photo walk. Your images are soft and dreamy, beautifully processed.

gina said...

What a fun photo walk! These images of your new neighborhood are lovely! I love that little angel blowing a kiss. You did a great job processing with soft light -- I will have to try it too.

Carole M. said...

such a 'charming' new neighbourhood for you; love it! It looks like everyone cares about their environs and proudly nurture their gardens etc; really lovely

Michele said...

Can I come live in your neighborhood? It is so beautiful! Fantastic photos! I am loving the fences!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Oh so very pretty! Loved taking a walk with you! I agree your favorite house should be another color and I like your suggestions!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the first two especially.

Prairie Jill said...

What a beautiful neighbourhood!! Lovley images. I think the second one is my favourite.

Orsolina said...

Wow, das sind tolle Impressionen von deiner Nachbarschaft. Da würde ich mich aucgh wohlfühlen.

LG Biggi

joelsuma said...

Danke Carola, dass ich auf Deinem Streifzug durch die Nachbarschaft mitgehen durfte.
LG joelsuma

Ginnie said...

Totally inspiring, Carola. I LOVE your neighborhood and what you have done with your beautiful images!