Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Warm Colors of Autumn

In January I created this mixed media canvas for an Inspiration Avenue challenge. Today, I've put it in my Etsy shop for sale. It is still one of my favorite works - I just love the warm colors of autumn (I really don't know why I prefer the word "autumn" over "fall", perhaps it is more poetic. Is there a difference between the two words?).

I'm quite excited about the season change. Many trees in my neighborhood are turning leaves, it looks beautiful. The two crape myrtle in front of my house are glowing in a deep pink, it's marvelous. I simply love this stunning display of bold color.

I hope all of you - at least in the Northern hemisphere - enjoy the earthy colorful season.


Kay L. Davies said...

Autumn and fall are the same thing. We just say "fall" because that's what the leaves do. Lazy us.
Your October canvas is lovely. I'm sure you'll be very glad you started your Etsy Shop.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Silvia(Barnie) said...

Genau "meine" Farben. Schöner Canvas.

karen said...

Lovely canvas! I am sure it will sell very quickly!
I had a look at your shop and it is fantastic! Well done!
Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog earlier :)
xoxo Karen

windrock studio said...

Wow! you already have changing colors, that's amazing ... and also an amazing piece!