Monday, September 26, 2011

Made in Germany 27 - Tübingen Neckarfront

Remember the Hölderlinturm that I showed you here last Monday? You can spot it at the left side of this photo. Here you can see the entire row of houses along the river Neckar that ends with the Hölderlinturm. These houses are mainly from the 15th and 16th century, most of them beautifully renovated inside. The biggest problem in these houses, since they are so close to the river, is the dampness which often shows in mold. It needs a lot of maintenance to live in these houses, but the location is just priceless. This "strip" is called the "Neckarfront" and behind the little wall you can see there is a narrow path that you can walk along. In summer or whenever the weather is warm and nice people hang out on the wall, eating ice cream and just enjoying life. The trees on the left side belong to the long island that divides the Neckar here and houses the Neckarallee, a long path lined by tall trees. It's especially beautiful in autumn when the leaves are turning. The boats in the background near the Hölderlinturm are punt boats - we did a lot of punting "back in the days". Punting is a tradition among the University's students and every May there is a big punting race that draws huge crowds and is a lot of fun.

I might tell you more about the punting next week!!



Kay L. Davies said...

What an absolutely beautiful place. Yes, I can imagine the dampness is a problem, but the houses are just wonderful to look at.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Sally H said...

Sorry I've not paid you a visit for a few posts, Carola. What a stunning photo! The houses look amazing. I love that overhanging style so typical of 15th century. The houses here are always black and white though, and not the beautiful colours in your photo - much smaller too. The Shambles in York is typical of 15th Century England.

gina said...

This is so beautiful, Carola! I love the color palette of the houses, and the way you captured their reflection in the water. I'm seriously thinking about traveling to Germany next Spring.

Mary said...

You have me curious now about the "punting." :)

What a gorgeous place, Carola. Something out of a fairy tale, really.