Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feeling a little blue today

Today the e-course I have been taking over the past five weeks, "Flying Lessons" by Kelly Rae Roberts, comes to its end.

Those were weeks of joy, inspiration, excitement - and total overwhelm. I have learned so much that is important for my creative journey, I felt the itch in my fingers to create create create... At the same time so many thoughts went through my head, things I needed to clarify for myself and that I still struggle with. Mainly the fear to take risks, to say "I am enough", to BELIEVE in myself. This might be another post, though... Today I'm just feeling the blues that these roller coaster days are over.

Now I need to move on, realize what I have learned, one little baby step by baby step. The first one was to create this blog, and boy! that already took such a long time until I finally set this up. Sometimes I think I need to push myself more, be more daring.

Perhaps this will evolve with time?


Wendy Ward said...

Hurray for you my friend! It looks really, really good! Please pat yourself on the back several times and do a little happy dance :`) Wendy

Carola Bartz said...

Thank you Wendy! You know what that means to me. Let's do the happy dance together!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I just left a comment for you but it hasn't appeared. Maybe it's waiting for moderation? In case it's lost in space I just wanted to say I'm a former flying lessons classmate & I found you through Valerie Harts blog & your comment on her painting Sophie wants to know. We both seemed to get similar feelings from it. I'm loving your NLT & will definitely be back!!

Carola Bartz said...

Thank you so much! I went over to your blog and really like your pictures!