Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Life Disrupted

Since midnight we are under an shelter-in-place order, joining six or seven other counties in the Bay Area. I just received the Nixle alert that Napa County will follow suit the day after tomorrow. We are supposed to stay at home for the next three weeks, and I have called it "house arrest". Of course it isn't anything like that. We can still go to the grocery store and the pharmacy; we can walk in the neighborhood or take a hike as long as we keep a distance of six feet to anybody else. The goal is to slow and hopefully eventually stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus. While this step should have been put in place weeks ago if the threat had been taken more seriously by our government, I'm glad that our local politicians have acted decisively.

While other people panic bought and hoarded toilet paper I went to the nursery yesterday and bought some plants so I can play in my garden. Yesterday I planted a pomegranate tree, something that had been on my mind for quite some time. The orange blossoms make my heart sing and the fruit is delicious. I still remember fondly the freshly pressed pomegranate juice in Turkey.

The garden has been waking up - the daffodils are long gone. My tulips came back, the peonies are pushing through the soil and the lilac is close to flowering.

I'm currently on spring break, but the high school will remain closed as well and teachers and students are getting ready for online teaching. As of today I don't know whether I need to go back to work next week since we're only two employees working in the library; I wouldn't mind going into work since I still have many textbooks to process and could do all the things that I haven't found the time for during the past several weeks.

Our German School has closed as well, but I'm keeping in touch with my students, sending them worksheets etc. Next week we will start online teaching - I'm currently figuring out the platform for it and will then test it with the staff at our campus. Ah, never a dull moment.

Apart from that there is lots I can do. Knitting, for example. I just finished this bird hat (and already sold it in my Etsy shop; I'm currently working on another one) and this pair of striped mismatched socks. Fortunately I have a good stockpile of yarn, and if I ever run out I can just email my local yarn store to get more.

I have also started to paint again. What a coincidence - I've signed up for a free five-day course called "The Layered Page" by Kellee Wynne - the tutorials are short videos of about 20 minutes, packed with ideas and techniques. I haven't painted or done any kind of mixed media art for two years or so and thoroughly enjoy this endeavor. Finally I've worked with the Gelli Plate that I got two or three years ago and hadn't used until this class. It's so much fun to create paper and collages.

And there's time for baking! Today I baked a loaf of whole wheat bread and a German hazelnut braid. Both are delicious - I'm afraid this "shelter-in-place" will result in a few more pounds on my hips.

We're also still getting mail - just today I received two gardening books that I had ordered. You can never have too many gardening books. The title under Kibeau's tail reads "Deer Resistant Design".

Do you think I will hit boredom anytime soon?


Elephant's Child said...

Of course you won't be bored. As I won't if/when similar restrictions come into force here.
We are inching towards it - and part of me will welcome it.
I have a doctor's appointment today and other than that and a little essential shopping I am happy at home.
I have just sent off a typically huge order for spring bulbs and have plenty of books to savour.
Introverts will cope with these close downs much better than extroverts I suspect.
Love your creativity.
Stay well.

My name is Erika. said...

It is a scary time, isn't it? And you are lucky you are off from school and really off. We have been directed to teach online, and it is quite a challenge as who has ever done that? I am guessing it will get easier as the weeks go by, off for 3 but maybe more, who knows. Gorgeous photos and also I love your knitting. I was just thinking tonight I need to get out some yarn and do some knitting. It was be a relaxing thing to do. Stay healthy. And have some fun while you have the down time. Hugs-Erika

KB said...

I don't think that you'll ever be bored. You have so many talents that you can enjoy during the shelter in place time.

I, too, am very glad to actions like those of your Governor. They are needed. Hang in there.

Cheri said...

Not a chance! You will stay busy with all.the.things. I kind of wish I still had a job that was on a forced slow down so I could enjoy it. Instead, my job replacement efforts continue without a break. Congrats on finding so many lovely things to do!!!

Iris Flavia said...

Die Socken sind toll! Ingo´s Oma fand ich auf allen 4en, sie hat die tollsten Socken aus Resten gestrickt, nachdem sie es einmal als Überraschung für mich "musste". Ich wäre nur höflich und dann wollten ALLE diese Socken :-)

Jeanie said...

I LOVE this post! Your hat and socks are fabulous and oh, those baking masterpieces. Your blooms are especially pretty. It is too early for us, but I wish I'd bought plants before the Great Confinement. And I really love your gelli prints. I haven't done those in a few years but I always enjoyed it. Maybe it's time!

Red Rose Alley said...

Ok, I want that blue little bird, it's soooo cute haha. And the little bluebird hat is precious. A pomegranate tree, how delightful! I smiled when I read that cause I always put a pomegranate in Nel's stocking every year at Christmastime. It's nice that you are playing in your garden right now during this worrisome time. Nel's college students have started on-line teaching as well. Your baked bread looks amazing, and the German hazelnut braid especially. It sounds like you're keeping busy at home with different creative projects. : )

Stay well, Carola.


Terra said...

The blue bird hat is precious, blue birds always make me think of the blue bird of happiness. This is my 12th day of self isolation and I miss chatting with people in person! Meeting for tea or for a meal. I live alone; I think it is a different and less difficult experience if you live with someone you can chat with and do things in the home with. Be well and of good cheer my friend.

windrock studio said...

Oh, friend! you are all set for this being inside stuff ... your beautiful garden, knitting those sweet hats and socks, baking, painting! I pray this will end soon but I worry it won't, take good care.

Karen Lakis said...

It seems extreme, but I think that maybe we should all follow California's lead and shelter in place. With any luck, people will heed the warning and stay home. I did the layered page project, also - throughout the process, I really did not like my pages - at all!! But once I put the book together, I absolutely love it and immediately started working on another. It's a bit addicting. I love your pages - yours are definitely more artful than mine. I can image that they will make a beautiful book - or background or collage papers.

Stay well!

Karen Lakis said...

Ooops - forgot to answer your question. Bored? - probably not soon. I have always needed lots of "me" time. And while I don't wish this situation on anyone, having to stay home allows me to not feel guilty about wanting to just stay home.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sounds as if you have plenty to do … you definitely won't be bored.

I always enjoy seeing your photographs.
Stay safe and well.

All the best Jan

Mae Travels said...

Your approach to this challenging new world is interesting -- find really useful things to do. I can't say I'm up to that task.

Be Well... mae at

Magic Love Crow said...

Gardening, baking (yummy), knitting, creating, all sounds wonderful!!! Big Hugs!

Sue (this n that) said...

No, I'm sure you won't hit boredom soon. You've taken the best possible approach to stay-at-home instructions.
I love all those plants you found at the nursery and also the knitting and art... it's the best thing we all can do is to make the best of things in our own unique ways.
Thank you, I loved seeing this post xx