Thursday, November 12, 2015

Autumn Morning Magic

Shortly before we set our clocks back to standard time I went to the lake in the early morning. The sun had just spread its first rays over the hills, and the sky wasn't even blue yet. There were only a very few people out and about. It was all quiet, the lake was perfectly still and the morning fog was hovering over the water.

It was stunningly beautiful.

The birds were busy getting ready for the new day.

Some of them, however, did their first outing, getting their bellies wet. They probably hadn't a clue how much I loved seeing them swimming toward the fog.

The reflections at the boat ramp nearly took my breath away. This is the light and the colors that I love so much about fall. No wonder autumn is my favorite season - it seems to have so much in abundance. Mornings like this make it hard for me to go home and start working. I'd rather spend my time outside, taking pictures and watching the birds. I saw many birds this morning, and I will show you the pictures of them in a later post.

And suddenly the fog was gone, within minutes everything was clear. It became warmer, but somehow the special magic of this early morning atmosphere was gone as well.

It must be so nice to float in a boat across the lake and see everything from a different perspective. I'm quite jealous of the people who are able to do this.

When I came home after this magical morning I felt happy and peaceful. The magic never completely left me that day. I love days like this!

I think I need to go back very soon at the same time and see how the light is different with the time change.


Elephant's Child said...

What a glorious start to the day. Serene and beautiful. It would set me up for the day too. Half a world away, I can feel my blood pressure drop and am smiling. Thank you.

windrock studio said...

I agree ... stunningly beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful shots and love that morning fog on the lake

Anonymous said...

Liebe Carola,
an diesem See ist es wirklich traumhaft schön besonders gefällt mir das Bild mit dem Steg. Es ist doch toll was uns die Natur so schenkt und unsere Herzen damit füllt.
Herzliche Gruesse, Patricia

Cheri said...

Your photography really captures the peace of that special morning. Well done!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place you live in, Carola. I love the hills of Northern California and I think they are at their most beautiful when touched by the slanting light of early morning and late afternoon. Thank you for this glimpse of your beautiful surroundings.

Barb said...

Your early-morning lake shots are magical! I love the rising mist. I already miss the colors of fall.

Darla said...

Your photography is wonderful. I like the look of the lake area but particularly like the picture with the fog.

Janko said...

Hello Carola, nice photos. I like autumn, too. Ich habe eine Bitte. If you have about 5 min, can you translate my text on my blogspot note about puff balls ? From english to deutsch. I know German not much.

Magic Love Crow said...

Very peaceful and magical! Wonderful!