Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walking Through the Rain Forest

My posts about Cape Scott wouldn't be complete without telling you about the rain forest that we had to hike through in order to get to the wonderful deserted beach at San Josef Bay. The hike through the rain forest took about 45 to 60 minutes and was easy.

It was also beautiful. The rain forest is never silent. There are birds singing, water dripping, mosquitoes buzzing. Your own sweat collecting at your neck and slowly running down your back - yes, it's humid in there. The humidity, however, causes this incredible growth we found in this rain forest.

The rain forest starts right at the beach - one moment you're still out in the sand, the next you are in the cool and shady forest. Quite a sudden transition.

The trees are huge and really impressive looking. Many of them are covered with moss, especially the further away from the beach you get.

Everything is so fascinating here - the trees, the plants and the little animals - that I wasn't the only one who got carried way by taking pictures.

What fascinated me most were the beautiful mushrooms - difficult to photograph since I didn't want to lay flat on the ground here. So I just put my camera on the ground and did some "blind shots", hoping it would work out.

This last photo is my contribution to this week's Texture Tuesday, layered with Kim Klassen's texture "kk_littlethings".


Sofia said...

Lovely photos you share here, I really like those old trees.

I love mushrooms, so my favorite is the last photo, the textures you added is so delicate.

Elephant's Child said...

Oh my. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

Cheri said...

Your "blind" shots are simply amazing!

Kia said...

Thanks for the beautiful walk, such a magical place!
{seen in Texture Tuesday}

Laurie said...

Wow!! Carola, your photos are awesome!

KB said...

It truly does look magical. The fact that the humidity helps the diversity so much is very neat.

Do you have "Live View" on your camera? I was taking mushroom photos today, and I used live view to avoid lying on the ground. Yours turned out fabulously so maybe you should stick with blind shots!

Sandra said...

Walking through a Rain Forest must be a wonderful experience judging by your photographs! I love the second shot of the tree trunks and roots and also all the unusual flowers and greenery that one doesn't normally see elsewhere!

Marianne said...

Your photography makes me smile. Love the fern !

Sally H said...

So beautiful! Quite different to the forest here. More stunning photos x