Thursday, May 17, 2012

Neither here nor there

The rhododendron in front of our house

Over the past days I have been pretty rare in blogland - and those of you who have read this post probably know why. We are busy working on our new home while slowly packing up our current home. We're neither here nor there - somewhere in between. Every day I pack the car with boxes and stuff and shuttle it down to the new house, piling things up in the garage. I can't believe how much stuff we have!!!

Meanwhile, work has started at the new house. The Geek took several trips under the house to check on pipes, wires, the wood under the bathroom that has some dry rot, and he always came back rather dirty - surprise, surprise.

Doesn't he look pretty professional?

This is the problem bathroom - when we saw it the first time, back in November, it had wallpaper that was striped in shades of pink, really retro. Unfortunately that was painted over before the house came back on the market in March and the only retro thing left were those pink tiles.

Not half as retro as it was before. Since we had to rip open much of the bathroom anyway, we decided to go with a fuller repair and get rid of all the tiles and also the vinyl flooring. At the moment the bathroom is a pure disaster zone.
Looks nice, doesn't it?

The Geek installed new locks

and we took a trip to IKEA for a new sofa and more shelves. The sofa - bright red - resides in the breakfast nook for the time being.
Kaefer has been planning her room:

We discovered that there's hardwood under the carpet in the studio and the office. So we ripped out the carpet in both the studio

and the office.

Since it was so much fun (backbreaking, really) we also decided to rip out the carpet in the living/dining room and get hardwood instead. 

Cool teenagers work with a lollipop in their mouth. 

Two days ago the hardwood was put down. Next week it will be sanded, finished and sealed. All three downstairs rooms should be done by next Thursday, which means I can move into my studio!!! I can't wait.

And this is me, fighting decades-old layers of dust and cobwebs in the storage area behind the garage.
I won! (for the time being...)



seabluelee said...

It's good to see your new home coming along so well, and nice that you can get so much of the work done before you move in. The hardwood floors are beautiful - both the old and the new. "Neither here nor there" is exactly where I am at the moment, too. Packing everything up - less than a week now til my move. Then I'll get to see what's under the carpet in my new home! :-)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the tour! We really want to get hard wood floors upstairs. Love the picture of you husband in his gear.

Unknown said...

Holy moly!!!! What an undertaking!!!!
It will be amazing when you are finished...

Anyes said...

Just reading your words and looking at the photographs you took, I am exhausted, Carola! Beautiful work though...I am excited for you :-)

Darla said...

Moving house is a lot of hard work but also exciting. Love hardwood floors, we have them in every room including the kitchen.

I can't wait to see that red sofa.


Michele said...

Wow. Lucky you being able to work on new house and shift over slowly. Here it has to be on the same day. Loving those gorgeous floors!

Kokopelli said...

Looks like a lot of work, Carola. Love what you did so far. And imagine when the house is ready and you LIVE in it. That will pay for all the hard work.

Marcie said...

So exciting for you!! The work will be well-rewarded..and worth it!

Ginnie said...

I wonder if we all are meant to go through major projects like this at least once or twice in our life, Carola. I must say that I'm glad it's you right now and not me. But then, I sure know what it feels like, as you anticipate the end to it all in order to start your new life there. Please stay safe!

honey said...

i finished reading and now want to shower the dust outa' my hair! nice necklace, by the way!