Monday, June 27, 2011

Made in Germany 14 - Street Life

Freiburg is an old University town in the very Southwest of Germany, close to the French border. It has an extended pedestrian zone (like so many towns and cities in Germany), and in the streets, lanes and alleys you can find these small canals, smack in the middle (watch out where you're going) or on the side. I love that someone placed a bunch of summer flowers, probably just purchased at the farmers market, right next to it. Thoughtful little touches that light up the day.

Do you have something German to share? A special memory, story, book, food, photo? Leave your URL in the comments and we come and visit.



Chantal said...

sorry nothing German to share today, I like yours though

Darla said...

The little canal is so interesting and the flowers would certainly help me keep from tripping.