Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WOYWW 94 - Spring Cleaning

Books books everywhere...

Hello WOYWWers!! I hope you are all doing well. Lots of thanks for all your nice comments on my second girl last week. They really mean a lot to me. You are all so lovely!!

So what's on my desk this week? Actually - nothing!

We're having spring break this week. We were thinking about where to go - Kaefer wanted to go into the snow again, both the Geek and I wanted to go camping in Anza-Borrego in Southern California. Well, we were too late for Tahoe, and the weather forecast was full of rain for Southern California and I really don't like camping in the rain. Then I came up with a REALLY GREAT IDEA - we would stay home and DECLUTTER and CLEAN the house. Honestly, I didn't like anymore what the house looked like, we definitely had way too much stuff and I felt like living on a dump (OK, I'm exaggerating a little bit). I was dreaming of a clean house where you could get from one room to the other without falling over something or moving something in order to reach the printer or just run into stuff.

And you know what - they reluctantly agreed, with long faces and lots of eye-rolling.

Yesterday and today I worked on the bookshelves in the family room. This is what it looked like:

Horrible, right?

I cleaned out all the books and started to organize them. I made alphabetical piles, decided which books I want to keep and which ones would go to the thrift store.

There were books everywhere -

against the wall -

and right at the front door.

The books in this box will go to the thrift store.

Then I sorted everything back on the shelves. After a few hours it started to look really nice:

The little containers on top of the shelf hold sand and soil from places I visited.

I'm still not done, but I'm certainly on my way. I hope to show a final picture next week.

But you came here to see a desk - so sorry. However, if you visit Julia's blog you find a very long list of wonderful people and their desks to visit around the world. Have fun! And thanks for stopping by.

Happy WOYWW!!!



jude said...

Gosh you have been busy spring cleaning .I actually did some last week as the weather was so nice washed all my curtains hung out to dry.whihc in the UK cant do that often...lol
Happy spring claenaing have fun this wedensday!
hugs judex

Clare said...

Ah, No Desk! But a fellow 'Book Lover' I see. Gosh there must be thousands?? You prob could open a second hand book store.....but I bet you can't possibly part with a single one. Great clean up by the way.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Carola! I just adore your before and after shots too... mmm! it is reaching a state of flux here and think I am seriously going to have to do the same thing ... thanks so much for sharing
Shaz in oz.x

Helen said...

I kind of like the before version too - reminds me of my bookshelves... I have REAL trouble turning out books, but I have run out of space so well done you!

Dragon said...

Tee hee... you HAVE been busy, but how can you give away books??? Uggh!! Have a good week

RosC said...

Hey Carola,
Mr Linky's missing so I thought I'd just pop in to see a couple of my regulars. :-)
Love books, got heaps, gave away lots when I moved house two years ago however, they seem to breed in dark corners.
I love your containers of soil too. I collected soil and stones from my long trip through to the north of Oz some years ago. One sample is pink river sand that is pulverised garnets. Gorgeous. If we respect the soil, we will manage okay. You have a good philosophy wrapped in those little bottles, and precious reading. It's good to pass it along too.
Warm regards,

Fiona said...

Well done on being strong and staying home and decluttering - I know how you feel - my shelves look like yours pre clean - but oh I'm drooling over all those books you;re getting rid of - I spy Jodi Picoult - love her books - hope you're happier in your space - and when you youve' got a minute - pop over here to Hampshire in England and do mine - thanks x

Karen said...

WOW what a transformation, but it looks really good!
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #11

Berry said...

I am obsessed with books! My hubby likes us to throw them away but I love the comforting feeling of lots of books, this is all fab! Enjoying the mooch hugs Rebekah xx 57

Sarah said...

Great job - wow - a task indeed but well done! Looking good!

Thanks for sharing today, enjoy yourself...

Sasa at 12 (Sarah)


Twiglet said...

And don't you feel good now that its all done and dusted!!
If you haven't already, then please pop over to our blog shop and get your name down in the BIG celebration draw.


Good luck

Minxy said...

My flat needs a good de-cluttering...just need to get in the mood for it or else i'd get nowhere, well done on making a start with yours :D
happy woyww
hUgS MiNxY x

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

I've just done something very similar...I got a Kindle for Christmas, so I had a huge clear out of paperbacks. Very cathartic!

Now I'm in the process of doing the same thing with my crafty stash...Could take a while. LOL.

Love your organised shelves, and love the sand and soil containers!

Susanne said...

Great job on the bookshelves. We're moving some of our from upstairs to downstairs and I will take the opportunity to rearrange and purge them then. They do seem to clone themselves when we aren't looking don't they?

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

You have been busy, what a difference. We have been clearing out books too. Having treated ourselves to Amazon Kindles, we are gradually replacing our old falling to bits books with the digital version that we can carry anywhere (and takes up less space).

donnalouiserodgers said...

yay Ikea snake stays YAY

I Loved the Time Travellers Wife, (top of pile first photo)

and whilst it is a different story, I think they did okay with the film,

Niall collects first editions and rare books,
and had a set of 'comics'/graphic novels that are his retirement investment fund,

but long terms books have to be so carefully looked after,

and you are so good to pass on your unwanteds,

if there are any hardbacks that are sewn in binding can I send you mail money and have them for altering (will do you one as a thank you)?


Vicki B in OP NY said...

Bravo for the courage to purge unwanted/unneeded clutter. there is always someone who will find a use for books from the thrift store. See you next week.
Vicki - a little inkling

Anonymous said...

What an enormous undertaking, but then the results are so worth it. Out with the old and in with the new I always say. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! :-)

JoZart Designs said...

It really must be Spring as you have got stuck in, in a big way and what a difference. You've got everyone in the mood!
JoZarty x

patty said...

Good for you, Carola!! It's such a great feeling to pare down. I have given away SO many books because I know I'm not going to read them again (too many new ones!) and any kind of reference stuff can be found more up-to-date on the internet these days. I do have a stash of very special ones that I won't part with tho!! (And yes, the weather down here has been nasty, cold and unpredictable... so I think you made the right choice!)

Caroline Hallett said...

My goodness you have been good. We took the plunge last year and totally decluttered the bookcases, donated a ton of books to the charity shops and buy most things on the Kindle now too. except for coffee table books and crafting books we have very few - dont know if this is good or bad - certainly less dusting - and for a housework slob like me - a good thing! Happy WOYWW - Hugs - Caroline xoxo

Darla said...

You have a LOT of books. I did a big clear out some time ago and it is probably time to do it again. The trift store is going to be happy to see you.


Lynn Cohen said...

Quick, where is your thrift store? I want those Jodi Picoult books! At least the ones I have not read yet!!! I see you have many of them. I am on a JP kick right now. Reading one after the other.

Your end result is beautiful. Let us know how long it lasts.

We did a remodel this summer (floors, sinks, etc) and as a result got rid of tons of stuff. But slowly the messy corners are starting to reappear as if some mess making giant monster comes out at night while we are sleeping and just starts those piles up again. Driving me nuts!!! We had it so nice...for a while...good luck with your giant mess making monster staying gone.

Anonymous said...

De-cluttering is good for the soul! Besides it makes room to buy more stuff!!! Hee hee!!

Brenda 84

Sue said...

Hi hun
wow what a lot of books, makes you feel so much better when you have a good declutter, well done you, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Julia Dunnit said...

I recognised the little pots instantly....I too have a collection, but only sands. Cor what a great job you did on the bookshelves - bet when you look at them now it feels like you're about to move!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh parting with such good reads can be hard,but your shelf looks great!!!

okienurse said...

Very nice and organized library! Love books too and wish mine were better organized. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #162

Wendy said...

Oh this is something we need to do sometime too. We are also book lovers and they do start to stack up after a time. Good for you for take the time to purge and organize.

karen said...

You have done such a fantastic job cleaning up! I really have to get in gear and do that too! Or maybe now that you are done over there, you can just pop by and "help" me!
xoxo Karen #22

Claudia said...

Hallo Carola, ja so eine Aufräumaktion befreit und tut gut. Man freut sich doch am Ende zu sehen, was man geschafft hat. Ich habe das in meinem Stempelzimmer hinter mir, jetzt habe ich wieder Platz für neues :-) Deine kleinen Sandbehälter finde ich toll, habe das mit meinen Kindern auch angefangen, wir bringen jetzt auch von überall wo wir waren Sand mit.

The Crafty Elf said...

Wow...nice job! Are you for hire? LOL

shazsilverwolf said...

I LOVE boks- you have a great collection. I love the idea of the sand & soil from places you visit- that is so cool. Shaz #122

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It may not be a desk, but it is in super shape now that it has been cleaned and decluttered. I love this bookcase now.

I also love the photo from Germany in the previous post. It is fantastic and I promise to be back on Monday.

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Glückwunsch zur Sortieraktion, so etwas muss auch mal sein.
Zu deiner Fragen wegen der Journalseite(n).... Nein, ich gestalte sie nicht nur wegen der neuen Challenge. Nachdem ich etliche Woche mit mir gerungen habe, es auch mal mit solchen Seiten zu probieren bin ich nun Feuer und Flamme.

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Carola-EEEK! You are a bookworm...just like me!! If I lived close to you, I would come over and buy some of those books you are giving away!! I think they are fab...all of them!
thanks for sharing your story about your daughter, Carola-she sounds like such a special young lady ...with a mind of her own! I think you can certainly share some tips with us! xxx

sandra de said...

I do love a clean up . Well done for getting them to stay and help.

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

You've got some great books there! I bet you feel great now that you have all that space and neat and tidy shelves. You make me want to do the same!
Rebecca xx (32)

The Crafty Elf said...

Lovely...so organized and so many books! No question you've done a great job it looks amazing - will come do my house next?

SueH said...

Just look at the difference between the two photos of your shelves!

But have you really taken all the left over books to the thrift shop or have you stashed then in another cupboard, as I do, because you really can’t part with them.

Love your idea of the little jars, what a fab way to remember the places you’ve visited.

Thanks for sharing on WOYWW.

Tertia said...

It really is no fun cleaning and decluttering, but so worth it in the end. School breaks up on the 8th of April for me. My daughter is finally moving into her own place this weekend, so come holidays I am also doing the cleaning and throwing away all leftover childhood 'stuff'. Not untill I have photographed it to scrap of course.
Happy belated WOYWW

Marcie said...

Looks like a huge project. Must feel good to clean up and clean out like that. Nice work!

SDCrafts said...

I used to live where I could keep and display all my books - I was a book reviewer at the time so imagine that! Now I have to declutter as I go along.

Enjoy your 'new' home.

Been poorly so short & sweet this week
Shirl #38 again!

Spyder said...

Soooooo many books, Most of the ones I have are crafty ones, but I do like to have a few others, Thanks for the very nice snoop!!
(((Happy Very Late WOYWW Lyn)))