Friday, February 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday - January morning

The sky wasn't really that interesting today, at least not in those moments that I had my camera... So I remembered photos I had taken in the early morning sometime in January. This is just as it came out of the camera.

I'm linking this to Skywatch Friday.

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Kranky Granny said...

Carola, thanks for visiting my Skywatch Friday post. I am delighted to meet you. You used the word "Germish" in your profile. I have never heard that word before but think I know what you mean.

I had a co worker years ago who was a German War Bride and your term would fit her use of english. I also posted a sign last week for the meme Signs, Signs that was written in a strange form of German and perhaps it is really Germish as well.

I have never been successful with photographing the moon. So I enjoyed your shot today. I will be back again.