Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Escaping the Heat

We're currently having a rather bad heatwave here. Without any air conditioning we close up the house in the morning as soon as temperatures rise and only open doors and windows when temperatures are slightly lower outside, put on the fans and let the breeze get into the house and cool it down.

Last Sunday, on Father's Day, it was a 106 F. Way too hot for us, and so we decided to go up North to the coast. Our destination was Glass Beach in Fort Bragg where we enjoyed a comfortable 74 F. Bliss!

So what is Glass Beach and what are these people doing there?

Looking for sea glass of course! This used to be an area where from 1906 to 1967 garbage was dumped, especially glass. There are actually three Glass Beach sites and they have become quite the tourist destination. Everybody is looking for their personal favorite pieces. Before we headed out to find our own sea glass we made sure that it was okay to take it, but couldn't find a single sign that it wasn't allowed to collect sea glass.

The sea glass is everywhere. White pieces are the most abundant, but there was also green, blue and brown glass. I especially liked the white pieces with a faint blue shade - sea foam, I guess, is the color called.

The scenery itself is quite breath taking and wild.

We walked along the beach and the cliffs until we decided to have some fresh fish and chips in the harbor. It was nice to sit in the sun without breaking out in a sweat and desperately looking for shade.

This is not a person by the way.... Someone got quite creative here!

Back home I looked at my finds, enjoying that I found three tiny true blue pieces and even a red one. One day they will be added to some kind of artwork.


Felicia said...

what a beautiful place to spend the day. love the sea glass.

Elephant's Child said...

I am very sorry to hear that you are mired in a heat wave - and so glad you found cool (and beautiful) relief.

Jeanie said...

Now this is a spot I would LOVE to visit! Your glass finds are terrific and I can't wait to see what you create. Or just share on your blog, in a dish as you did.

I love summer but 106 is over my limit. Good for you, getting away. The scenery was stunning.

Red Rose Alley said...

Beautiful pictures, Carola. I long to see the beach sometimes. Jess lives about 5 minutes away from it. Love this sea glass. There's so much of it surrounding the area, and it's soft and pretty. I really like the aqua colors.


windrock studio said...

Glass Beach looks like an awesome place, I would have loved to join you all there to gather finds and get out of the heat!

Magic Love Crow said...

I want to go to Glass Beach!! What fun! I wish the sun would come out here! We are getting so much rain!! Errrr!! Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love sea glass and would go nuts in a place like that. I admire your restraint! You brought home some lovely pieces - red is a rare find. I hope your heat wave has broken by now. 106 with no air conditioning is truly miserable! Escaping to the beach was a great idea.