Sunday, January 6, 2019

An Image and Its Story - December 2018

Northern California winters - at least here at the coast - are mild ones with the occasional freezing nights and chilly days. Clear days and nights mean colder weather - and stunning sunsets. Somehow. the winter sunsets are so much more brilliant than the ones in summer. The colors are bolder and there are way more pink and red shades in the evening sky. The same, by the way, goes for sunrises.

December had some amazing sunsets for us. I saw this one from our upstairs window, grabbed my camera and went outside and further down the street. I knew that this tree would be the perfect silhouette for the sky. Bare trees are my weak spot, and this one is a preferred resting place for dozens of crows during the day. I once saw a hawk perching on a branch and observing its surroundings (no crows in its vicinity at that time!). The tree stands just at the edge of a lovely meadow that is home to our beloved neighborhood donkey.

While I'm writing this it's raining - much needed and therefore more than welcome. No gorgeous sunsets for the next few days.