Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staring Contest

Last Sunday, Geeda, our neighbor's cat, was sitting on our deck, looking through the glass door and staring into Kaefer's eyes.

(See the dirt on the window? Those are Geeda's paws; she stretches up the window several times a day)

However, the staring contest didn't take too long since Geeda got a little bit impatient.

And then she got these big pleading, "please, let me in"-eyes - she knows very well that she is not permitted inside due to the Geek's heavy allergies.
However, she always tries - and sometimes she succeeds in sneaking in.

I"m pretty sure our home would be her home as well if we let her. She doesn't like her "real" home very much, the people who own her (and who kindly feed her and take her to the vet) - you know how cats have their own mind about where they want to be.
And honestly, if the Geek hadn't all these allergies, she already would be an established member of the family. She definitely has conquered all our hearts, even the Geek's (he would never admit that, though).

Are there any cats in your life who don't "belong" to you?



Cynthia Schelzig said...

This cat is so gorgeous...I love the colored face and white body. That is unusual. She looks very well fed too...I wonder how many other people give her "snacks" besides you:) I have always had cats that come visit for snacks...hang out in the wintergarten for a few hours...schmoooozzz ein bißchen,,,then go on their way. I love their visits. You should feel quite honored that she picked you guys ....she likes you:)

Sally H said...

She reminds me of a children's book called 'six dinner Sid' about a cat that lives at six different houses on the same street! Fab photos!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, she definitely looks like she owns you, Carola.
If a cat wanted to move into our house, I think the decision would be made by our dog who, I believe, might like cats, but of course cats coming past here see a Golden Retriever and just stay away.
If Geeda would like to move to Alberta, however, she'd be very welcome. In the meantime, it's nice of those other people to pay the vet bills.

Jennifer said...

We have had cats who lived with us and and cats we loved and fed but lived with someone else. Every new kitty that wanders into the neighborhood is soon at our back door because my kids have enticed it here with food and back scratches :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love that second picture! We've always had cats, but they've definitely always been ours (we're an indoor cat family).

Anyes said...

I grew up with a cat and still miss her to this day. The cats here, I have to say are quite happy with their home, so we unfortunately do not get any stray visitors :(

Chantal said...

We had two cats, they died a few years bad, not ready to replace them, will I ever get to that point...

seabluelee said...

I love this series of photos and the interaction between cat and girl. I can hear that pleading meow in the second image!
We used to have a cat who adopted us, even though I tried to discourage her since we had a cat and didn't want another. She never wanted in, but never left the front yard. I fed her on the porch and she slept among the geraniums in the windowbox. She would rub against our legs and loved to be petted, but would not allow herself to be picked up. I always wondered about her history.

Ginnie said...

It's funny how cats can sneak right into your heart like that...dogs, too, actually. Astrid is NOT a cat person, so there will never be a cat anywhere near us. But it's fun for me to see how they rule the roost elsewhere. :)