Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

The morning is my favorite time of the day. Today I had an especially good one.

Our local Jazzercise, where I have been exercising regularly for three years, has finally introduced a 6:00am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting today. I had never thought that I would actually enjoy getting sweaty by 6:15 in the morning - but I did! It was a great class, and I felt wonderful afterwards, full of energy, ready to face the day.

Back home I took a quick shower and then drove Kaefer to school. Coming home after that was so nice - the entire day (well, until 3:00pm when it is time to pick up Kaefer again) lay before me with absolutely NO appointments. Bliss. Shortly before eight, I was in my studio (aka the dining room), painting. I'm currently creating journals, getting a lot of inspiration from Jeanne Oliver's class "Creatively Made".

But it was a walk into my yard that really got me - the sun was out, it was such a bright and beautiful morning, and wherever I looked there were drops of dew. I had to grab my camera and take a few pictures.

Isn't this a yummy texture? (the armrest of my Adirondack chair)

Mr Lincoln, a present from my neighbor Mary

These are glass balls I have in one of my plant containers

My patio table - isn't that gorgeous?

I love how the sun sparkles in these little drops - no, this is not dirt!

The morning light is so warm and makes such crisps shadows

My favorite garden stake

And here is one of the journals I have been working on. It is an altered composition book with ruled pages inside. I used molding paste and acrylic ink for the birds.

Now available in my Etsy store.

So - what is your favorite time of the day?



Lynn said...

Berries, rose and shadow all knocked me out so good!

Favorite time of day?
All day I am not working; morning quiet is wonderful; helping a client feels good too any time of day; evening in recliner with art pad on my lap and pen in hand.

Enjoy your weekend.

Maria Ontiveros said...

My favorite time of the day is after the kids have gone to school and before I have to leave for work. A half-hour or hour to myself at that time is fantastic - to work out, to create or to cruise on the computer!
When outside, my favorite time of day is the later afternoon/pre-sunset time. So peaceful.
Haven't we had an incredible "winter"?
p.s. love, love, love the glass balls

Michele said... utterly gorgeous! I love mornings like that!
My favorite time of day is when everyone else has gone to bed and I can have thirty minutes to myself. Now that's bliss!!

Chantal said...

indeed a good morning

seabluelee said...

Such simple, beautiful photos, Carola. Thanks for letting me start my day by visiting your early-morning garden. (Love the journal, too. Very pretty design!)

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Oh, das sind ganz außergewöhnlich Bilder. So schöne Momente und Details hast Du da eingefangen. Wirklich richtig gut.
Viele Grüße Synnöve

gina said...

Such a happy group of macros -- I love the bright colors! The first image is especially lovely, Carola. I usually wake up around 6:00 am, but can't imagine getting to a gym at that time and working out at that time! I like the quiet of the early morning...time to sip my coffee and meditate.

see you there! said...

Beautiful photo's. They would make wonderful background pages for scrapbooks or altering. I like the use of modeling paste for your birds as well.

I'm a morning kinda gal like yourself


Kay L. Davies said...

I wish morning could be my favorite time of day, because I just love reading about people like you. Your energy is inspirational.
Unfortunately, I am not a morning person.
I guess I'm an evening person now. When I was younger, I was a night person, and really enjoyed working from 10pm until 6am.
My mother was always a morning person, and my dad wasn't, but he could get up at 4am if he had arranged to go fishing with his friends.

Christine E-E said...

wish I could have enjoyed the morning with you! what fabulous pictures... and the colors in your artwork are pleasing to the eye!
my fave picture has to be the garden stake.

patty said...

Beautiful, Carola! Yes, I am definitely a morning girl too. Not quite as ambitious as you to get in the car and go to a class at that early hour, but I always do my walk - rain or shine!

I had an inspiration while reading another blog just now about someday, when my "inside out" journal project gets rolling, putting out a call to artists around the world to send a handmade journal to be given to a needy and deserving woman. Think of the connections, good karma, etc. Seems like it would really be a win-win!!

JoZart said...

Beautiful photographs Carola magic moments of Nature's beauty captured so well. You have a great "eye".
love JoZarty x

Jennifer said...

Beautiful shots, Carola! I love early morning, before everyone is awake. It is so quiet and peaceful.

Geckostone said...

Wow, spectacular photos Carola!!!! I just love close ups with texture and dew, yeah!!!Your journal is delightful!!!Deb

Ginnie said...

I do love your creativity, Carola...all of it! I must say I LOVE dawn and dusk, almost equally well because of the light just after (dawn) or just before (dusk). Those are magical times for all of us photographers, of course. Even without camera in hand, there's magic for all the senses.