Thursday, April 13, 2017

In My Dreams I Walk These Streets

Neckarfront with Stiftskirche and Alte Aula

It's been 16 years since I left Germany for California, exchanged the beautiful medieval town of Tübingen in the Southwest of the country for a non-descript and not in the least pretty city in gorgeous Sonoma County. Even though I enjoy living in this stunningly beautiful part of Northern California I sometimes miss the crooked alleys of Tübingen, the uneven pavement and the old buildings, some of which look like they won't make it another year (they will though; they have been there for 500 to 600 years).


I used to know every little alley, every street, every corner and every little nook in this town. On Saturday mornings I would walk down the Schloßberg (castle hill) where I lived and wander along the streets, go into some shops and sit in a street café drinking cappuccino and watching people.



Usually I had my camera with me because there was always something I found interesting or weird enough to photograph. The result is an abundance of Tübingen photos.

This is the castle, sitting high over the town. From up there we enjoyed great views over the terracotta roofs of the old buildings and beyond to the Schwäbische Alb (where I would often go to hike).

This is the path leading up to the castle from the far side of the town - the long back of castle hill at which end I lived.

Coming down from the castle there were so many little streets I could stroll along.




Some were very narrow and more like passages between buildings. You could easily get lost if you didn't know your way.



This is Münzgasse with the domineering Stiftskirche at the end of it.

The pavement in front of the church...

... and this is the side toward the river.

A glimpse of the town hall with its beautiful Renaissance facade, seen from Wienergäßle.

The German poet Friedrich Hölderlin (I wrote about him here) lived in this tower which is right on the river Neckar and is part of the famous Neckarfront which is the most photographed location in Tübingen.

The bigger picture - in summer... (if you want to know more about the punting boats, I wrote about them here)

... and in fall.

This place is beautiful in every season. Yes, I do miss it.


krishna said...

so, so beautiful place.. I would love to visit there..

Elephant's Child said...

I am not surprised that your dreams transport you home again.
Incredibly beautiful.
Thank you.

My name is Erika. said...

Wow. This is amazing. I would love to visit this magical place.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place, Carola. I don't wonder that you miss it. Sadly, few American cities are very beautiful (in my opinion), though their location might be. I don't think anything in this country is built with the intention that it will last for hundreds of years. It's as if everything is sort of temporary...and will soon be torn down and replaced with something bigger and "better" anyway, so why bother?

Jeanie said...

Oh Carola, I can see why you miss this beautiful place. I think all of Europe has it over the US in the beauty department and lots of that is because it is old and has charm and character that pre-fab houses and skyscrapers just don't. I would miss it too and hope now and then you are able to return.

I've never been to Germany but since I've been doing family history, become more interested in checking it out. When I see photos like this I want to hope a plane tomorrow!

Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend.

Orsolina said...

Mit deinen Bilder machst du richtig Lust auf das alte Tübingen.

Wird Zeit, dass wir dem Neckar auch mal einen Besuch abstatten.

Nicht nur Mosel - Rhein - Main - Donau :)

LG Brigitte

windrock studio said...

It must have been hard for you to leave this place but I'm very glad you did! Your home town is so gorgeous and full of character, thanks for sharing it.

Magic Love Crow said...

I would miss it too! Truly beautiful and magical! Big Hugs and Happy Easter!

Michele said...

Dear Carola,

I am so sorry you are feeling homesick - from these beautiful photos I can certainly see why!

You come from a gorgeous area to be sure.

I wish you Easter peace and joy, and hope for you every happiness.

Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comments. It is very nice to meet you.

Tammie Lee said...

It does make sense that you would miss it. How wonderful that you took many photos, now you can look back to enjoy memories and also share that beauty with us.

Sue (this n that) said...

I can understand why you would miss this enchanting part of the world Carola. Thank you so kindly for sharing it with us. Those beautiful houses and apartments, the walkways and cobblestones. Everywhere there is so much to see and appreciate. Thank goodness you have your wonderful photographs :D)

Darla said...

I really enjoyed your photo tour of the city. It looks very people friendly. I can imagine you miss it, so different from life here in No CA.

Michelle B said...

It looks like a fairy tale, so beautiful! How fun it must have been to wander those streets with a camera in hand. I can see how you would miss it. And I bet the cappuccino was delicious. :)