Thursday, March 9, 2017

Stitch by Stitch

You know that I love to knit - I showed a few of my projects here. However, I only now realized that I never showed you the knitted items I created over the past few months. Some of them were rather easy, others were more challenging.

The top photo shows the beginnings of a baby jacket I started at the end of September. I had just discovered this beautiful merino yarn from Australia and was eager to knit up a project using it when I found a free pattern for a cute baby jacket on Ravelry. Since this yarn is a superwash it's perfect for baby knits.

The sheep was from a different project, and I think it fits very well on this little cardigan.

When my neighbors had their first child last year in May I knitted a hat for the little girl. Since her parents love cats I decided that a kitty hat would be a good idea. Of course the hat was still too big since this is a pattern for a six months old baby and not for a newborn.

Baby hats knit up so fast and they're fun to make. When I discovered this pattern I fell in love with it and tried the newborn size of it.

The knitting starts with a provisional cast-on which I had never done before. It's quite easy, but I still had to unravel the hat before I could finish it because I didn't pay attention!

As a final touch I put a big button on the side. I love to use buttons as an accent.

I knitted some more hats, and I show you three of them here.

Seedling, a pattern by Alana Dakos:

This hat was a Christmas present for the daughter of my friend Jo. It is one of my most favorite patterns.

On Pinterest I found the pattern for this gorgeous owl hat. I knitted two of them for my little nieces in Germany, using the Navajo-Churro sheep yarn I purchased a few years ago. The perfect yarn for this hat! However, sewing on the buttons for the owl eyes was a real pain!

And last but not least the Baa-ble hat - this is a very popular pattern which comes as no surprise. The pattern was designed by Donna Smith for the Shetland Wool Week 2015 - Shetland Wool Week is a world renowned celebration of Britain's most northerly native sheep. This was a gift for Kaefer who models it in this picture.

If you look closely you recognize one of the sheep as the one sitting on the blue baby jacket that I showed you first.

After all these hats it was time to knit up some socks. I found this rubber duck pattern and had a really hard time with it - it drove me crazy! But I did finish the socks and could give them to Kaefer as a Christmas gift. I will never knit these socks ever again!!!

The next - and last - pair of socks was mere fun to knit. The yarn was lovely and the pattern is so beautiful. It looks complicated but is actually quite easy. 

Only I know where the mistakes are that I made...

I'm currently knitting a bigger project, but I can't say yet what it is since it is a birthday present for Kaefer. It is green - perfect for a spring birthday.


Elephant's Child said...

You do BEAUTIFUL work. Really beautiful.

seabluelens said...

Beautiful creations, Carola, and what wonderful gifts. I used to knit, oh so many years ago when my own little ones were...little! When I think of some of the things I used to make, I can't believe I did it - cable stitches and lace - the patterns were so intricate. Now I barely remember how to cast on!

Cheri said...

That baby sweater is gorgeous - teal is one of my favorite colors!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Gosh these are all fabulous! What talent! Yarn like things have never been my gift but I do love wearing them.

krishna said...

Wow!!! you are an amazing knitter..

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so talented! An Amazing knitter you are! I really love your creations! Big Hugs!

Jeanie said...

I love seeing your knitting projects! You are so skilled and accomplished. That baby sweater is simply adorable but then I love the socks and hats and all that fabulous yarn, too. I'm in scarf mode here and maybe a baby blanket will come forth. Who knows. But it does feel good to have the yearn between my fingers again!

Darla said...

Always enjoy pics of your knitting. I keep thinking I need to knit something with those sheep on it. Did you knit a baby sweater with that design or am I imagining things?