Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back from the Sunset Coast

We just returned form our two weeks trip up North on Highway 101 along the Oregon and Washington coast. It was a very relaxing, quiet trip - we didn't have any special plans or destinations that we wanted to reach. When we liked a place we stayed there for a while. There was lots of time for reading, writing and even sketching and painting. It was one of the most beautiful trips I ever had.

We explored fisher ports like this one in Brookings,

saw many lighthouses - this one is Heceta Head,

watched seagulls eating their breakfast,

had super fresh seafood ourselves,

ran at the beach,

sat around the campfire,

explored tide pools and learned that this is an ochre sea star (pisaster ochraceus),

didn't mind the often misty weather of the Pacific Northwest,

visited the rainforest in Olympic National Park and got eaten alive by mosquitoes while camping there,

watched young elk,

got very muddy boots on our hikes and walks,

found treasures on the beach,

flew kites,

discovered the lost whale in the Klamath River on our way back home,

and fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest.

Did you go somewhere and fell in love with the place?



Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Yep -- I live here! :)

Gorgeous views and I'm so glad you had a good time.

Maybe see you at August Break? :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are such wonderful photographs. I especially love the elk, the shells and the driftwood. Sounds like a really wonderful, peaceful, relaxing vacation. Thanks for giving us a peek.

helena said...

Beautiful - all of them. Would love that kind of road trip

Chantal said...

that is a fine set of photos

Ginnie said...

I can just imagine all of it, Carola. WOW! Have you been to Moro Bay yet? That was one place I totally fell in love with when the kids were small. We went to the beach every day looking for sand dollars! It was like we had discovered heaven on earth.

Lynn said...

I cannot pick a favorite photo this post Carola there are so many that are prize winners! Wow! Love your eye for photo taking. Wow wow wow!!!
Young moose is incrediable. I love all this area too. I guess the fav place for me this summmer was the Grand Tetons. I do feel like we fall in love with it and each other each time we stand and look up at them.

seabluelee said...

What a great photo set! The young elk who looks like he's stopping to smell the flowers is my favorite.

I have family on the Oregon coast but haven't visited there in a long time. Thank you for taking me back. I think it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Biomouse said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures Carola and what a lovely lovely trip-it looks like pure magic!

Puna said...

Beautiful. Looks like a fabulous time.

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Gorgeous photos! During our last roadtrip while living in southern California we made it to Brookings and really loved the town. How I miss California & being able to drive to such wonderful places!

You asked if we'd fallen in love with any place recently and I must say I'm very smitten with Ohio. We visited the hubby's family recently and I just lived the wholesome Midwestern vibe. Very cozy.

Christine E-E said...

finally getting some time to read blogs! Oh my!! your road trip looked amazing. It sounds as if you did some camping (campfire??)... you definitely captured the "essence" of the beach. I can hear the sea gull screaming at you... and the close-up of the driftwood with the rocks, along with he teeny, tiny figure walking is just amazing! Love the pic of Keifer flying the kite! but, the deer was my fave! thanks for taking us on the "re-run" of your vacation. I hope the Geek didn't mind us being along.